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Friday, August 16, 2013

New Book Love and Books to Look Out For

I scored a couple of new books last night. Emma Magenta is one of my favorites. I have all of her books (except Origin of Lament which I have been looking for and not having much luck finding a copy anywhere!)

I bought Night Flower: The Life & Art of Vali Myers at Comic Con from Last Gasp. I loved her journal pages and free spirit so I decided to pick up Vali Myers: A Memoir as well. Her life was as fascinating as her artwork. I've been enthralled with both books.

Print & Pattern is not only a favorite blog of mine but I also have all three of her books. I jumped when I saw the newest one on kids patterns. Her blog is truly eye candy of the best kind! 

 Some books that haven't come out yet that are very high on my wishlist include:

This book has been number one on my wishlist since they announced it at Comic Con more than three years ago. I even blogged about it then!
Been hoping to find this one locally for awhile now.


Another high on my list after seeing The Whole Wide World in 1996

What books are on your wishlist right now?


Kimberly said...

Hi Kelly,

I felt so guilty when you mentioned in a more recent post that you heard nothing but crickets on this post regarding your book list. I admit to being more of a devoted stalker of your blog, but I'm also book-mad and could not let you think your book lists were going unappreciated.

There are at least 100 books on my amazon wish list at any given time. I have purchased many of your recommendations, but I'm probably more intrigued by the artists books you recommend. A big thank you for introducing me to Corita Kent.

Regarding the books that you listed, I added "Freehand" and "500 Handmade Books" to my wish list.

While I am charmed by your (and your family's) love of comics, sadly it is not one that I share. I seriously love reading about you geeking out at comic-con. I do that with other things, like Veronica Mars (i was first in line for kickstarter) and Lost (I named my first dog Hurley after the character in Lost). So keep on writing about that passion of yours - because even if the passion isn't shared it is still so very interesting to read about.

A few books I have on the wish list (none of them really "new"):

1. The Collier-Campbe​ll Archive: 50 Years of Passion in Pattern
2. Daily Rituals: How Artists Work
3. The Ocean at the End of the Lane: A Novel - Neil Gaiman
4. The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: A Novel
5. Ray Johnson: Correspondence​s
6. Language of the Body: Drawings by Pierre-Paul Prud'hon

Book I'm purchasing today:
Colorful World by Amandine Guisez Gallienne

Completely off-topic but thought you might enjoy...I was in Barcelona two weeks ago and sought out a paper store to buy a Catalan artist's marbled paper. Her name is Montse Buxó i Marsá. I read about her in the article below and it's true, her paper is really "Too Beautiful to Use." I bought one (1) sheet at $65 per sheet. Yes, although I choked on the amount and realized that I'd never be able to use it in my student-level work, I still bought it. At this point I'll probably frame it. I found several pages of her work by googling her name. Her paper is truly like none I've ever seen. Have you heard of her? Have you ever marbled paper? Not that I need to take on another new skill, but I'm now so intrigued by the idea of marbling my own paper (and saving $65 LOL!)

http://travel.nytimes.com/2009/07/05/travel/05heads.html?_r=0 v

Thank you for providing such content-rich and useful material on your blog. Though I might not always comment, I'm soaking up your knowledge and resources (and workshops) like a sponge. Hoping to meet you at a live workshop one day.

Take good care,
(Fort Worth, TX)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Kimberly! I'm happy to know that others enjoy the booklists and that I'm not alone with my long wishlist. Thanks for pointing out those books. Ray's book is excellent. Daily Rituals is good. There are some on your list I need to look up. Ooh! Thanks! :D
I've never made marbled paper (no space or desire. I'd rather do something with the paper than make it.) Love the article. Her work is gorgeous. Thank you!!! I can see why you would hesitate to cut it up.

I tend to lurk on most of the blogs I read, too. Thanks for letting me know that you enjoy what you see here! :)

Sandy said...

I missed this post. Thanks for all the suggestions. I've added several to my wish list too.