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Sunday, June 16, 2013

mid April 2013 Journal Pages

I always try to be open and honest on my journal pages as well as on my blog. I'll never forget the time that someone left a comment about how "pretty my pages were but the words I wrote on them were so ugly." As if I was writing in my journal for her. I write for me on my pages (as well as on my blog.) I write what I am compelled to write. I often write as I speak with an open heart and palms facing out. It is what it is and all it should be.


Dawn said...

Well said Kelly!! Journals are such personal things and I have nothing but admiration for anyone who is willing to share the artwork they create that holds such thoughts and feelings. Your journal pages are beautiful sweetie, long may they keep coming to inspire us all.
Huge hugs x

Susie said...

I just finished reading Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Bookstore and the quote at the end of the story reads as follows. "your life must be an open city, with all sorts of ways to wander in" and I thought of that as I read today's post. Most of us I think get 'it' but for the few that don't, that think blogs are just about 'show' and not the 'tell', that are unwilling to go just a little bit farther, to get out of the 'wading pool' and join us big kids at the deep end, will probably never fully understand. They have very limited and short range site. You share an 'open city' and that is what makes coming back to it time and time again so worth doing.

Kitten said...

One thing I like most about your art, Kelly, is your HONESTY! Good or bad...it's all there. Keep going...as I know you will.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Hi Kelly. Someone actually SAID THAT? And used the word Ugly? Wow. Palms facing out...LOVE this. We wear our hearts out on our sleeves...honesty in journaling is the only real journaling for me. I share because I think we are all connected...and my art journal pages are the pieces of me. (Love your henna hands!)

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

PS. Thank you for your Teachers comment. It was so nice to hear something gentle. One more week, and I can give the agonizing paperwork side of my brain a break while I create and refocus. I seriously CAN'T WAIT this year!!!! Love my students, but the rest was constant overload, multitasking stress.

Sandy said...

I love your pages. I wish everyone who journals would understand they should make their pages or books for themselves and not for what other people think. I'm sure when you look back on your journals you'd rather know how you were feeling at the time more than what was "cute" at the time.

Laure Janus ~ Little Joys Studio said...

Amen, Kelly. I've had similar comments as I've openly dealt with my niece's suicide on my blog and in my journal. This is my life right now, and I deal with it through art and writing, as do you. You are truly an inspiration to so many, don't ever change!

Carolyn Phillips said...

That is exactly how it should be. They are your journal pages after all, you do them in a way that it is right for you.