19 April 2013 Journal Pages

more pages from Little Love Notes: Triptych Book Revised and Revisited
Home from teaching in Northern California. I always have a wonderful time and I really love teaching there. Thanks, ladies, for a wonderful weekend. It was just what I needed (lots of art, smiling faces and good memories.) I hope to see you all again Columbus Day weekend when I return (with new classes.)

I just checked in with my East Coast venues and I'm hearing that the classes are starting to fill up. If you've been on the fence about my workshops at the Ink Pad or Kept Creations, don't wait much longer to sign up! I'm spending the week prepping my supplies and packing them up. I'm really looking forward to seeing some old friends as well as meeting some new faces.

Huge thanks to all of you who signed up for my latest summer online class, This & That: Finding Poetry in the Everyday. I hope that you're enjoying it! It's short but sweet! Remember, it's still on sale right now if you're interested!

I'm teaching my Content: An Artist's Life journal this Friday at Stampin from the Heart. It's my last L.A. class for a few weeks so catch it while you can!

I still haven't had the time to sit down and figure out what to do after Google Reader goes away. I have been hoping that they don't but you know how that works! Thinking of using Feedly more so than Bloglovin'. Any others I should know about?

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Lil said…
I just moved to Feedly last week, it's simple and it works well. So far I have no problem with it. I was also using iGoogle as my home page and switched to ighome.com - since they're canning iGoogle in the fall. SUCH a pain in the patootie!
Emie58 said…
Been going back and forth between Bloglovin and The Old Reader which I seem to like better. I'm glad you mentioned your summer class again... I forgot to click the link in your email for the PDF... coping it now as I type.

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