10 Minute Art Making Challenge

I've always been a big believer in ten minutes of art making a day. If you can find ten minutes to go onto the computer, watch tv, etc... then you can find time to make art daily. It's all about making the time, having a few favorite select materials at your disposal and not stressing about it.

I made the above page in ten minutes. I set my timer and started rifling through my collage bag looking for images to use. I grabbed the first focal image I saw that fit my mood at the time. I also grabbed a few others (two pieces of scrapbook paper and the half of a flower image.) I glued the focal image down onto the page using my Coccoina glue stick and an old rag (to burnish). (I glue onto an old magazine, fyi! When I'm done, it goes into the recycling bin.) I moved the flower image around and came up with the idea to pair it with half of a heart. I cut a heart shape out of the script paper and mounted it onto another piece of scrapbook paper. Moved them both around the page together and decided that I liked it the best where you see it above. I added two quick pieces of washi and paper tape to tie the images together some more. I started rifling through my sticker bag when ding! Time was up.

I tend to work quick and you may not work as fast and that's okay. 

My point with this challenge is to see if I can get you to make something, ANYTHING, every day in ten minutes (or more if you have the time.) It doesn't matter what you do in those ten minutes as long as it's art related and your using your own hands to create (in other words, surfing the internet and looking at art related sites doesn't count for this challenge.) I want you to MAKE something.

In ten minutes, you have time to do any of the following:
-pick out a small handful of papers 
-stamp something
-stencil a page with your favorite markers
-cover a page with pieces of deco tape, paper tape and washi tape
-start a base coat of paint on a page
-cut out some images and glue stuff down

Get my point? Ten minutes may not seem like a lot but it's enough time so that you can get stuff done. 

Small steps add up.

Every day for the next five days, I'll be showing you the above page as it was worked on in ten minute segments from start to finish. 

If you have a blog, twitter, flickr, instagram page and you want to take this challenge, link in the comments section. We can inspire each other and cheer each other on. If you want to tag your pages, tag it with #10minjp (short for ten minute journal page.)

If I can do it, so can you. Set your timer. Don't stress or over think too much. Pick the first thing that you see that you like. Glue it down. Keep going until the timer goes off. Don't worry about your art being "good or bad." Just make.


Hagit said…
I'm in!:)
Natasha said…
This is such a good idea. I am definitely in! :) Who doesn't have 10 minutes!
Rita A. said…
I love this, Kelly. Thank you for the challenge. My first ten minute stint is on my blog:
Cynthia said…
I'm in Kelly. Off to start my first ten minutes. I'm going to use the journal I started in one of your classes many moons ago at the Ink Pad (?) in Westford, MA. Thanks for the inspiration. When done I'll post to http://artmarks.blogspot.com
Barbara Hagerty said…
I can't go for a day without drawing, painting, collage, or journaling and still feel like a whole person, so this is perfect for days like today where I accomplished a lot--TONS--but feel unaccomplished because I didn't draw, paint, collage, or journal.

I'll be setting my timer in the next few minutes and seeing how far I get in 10, then snap a pic. After that I'll work more if I feel like it, or save it for later. I'll schedule the post so it will be on my blog by tomorrow (March 5) at 9AM Mountain (8AM Pacific).

This is what the URL will be:

Now I'm off to set my timer and begin!
Anonymous said…
I'm enjoying playing along with you Kelly. I've been a silent watcher (though I've done one of your online courses) for a while and this has encouraged me to come out and play. Thank you.

Hagit said…
This is what I managed in 10 minutes. I plan to continue, 10 minutes every time :) Thanks!!
Cynthia said…
Great challenge idea to get making. Uploaded my first page here, http://artmarks.blogspot.com thanks for the inspiration
Unknown said…
I love this idea, so I'd love to join in. I try to create daily but so often don't because I think of trying to find long stretches of time to finish something.

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