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Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Marker Love: Molotow One4All Markers

It's not a secret that I love pens of all kinds. A good friend gifted me with ten of the Molotow One4All Markers for Christmas. I LOVE these pens. The Molotow pens are similar to the Sharpie Waterbased  Paint Pens but there are MORE colors available in the Molotow line (see here.)

Some things you should know-

-the pens are refillable!!!!
-always store the pens FLAT
-the pens write on a variety of surfaces (check out the neon pink and yellow above that's on paper, tape and transparency.) 
-It's a pump and shake system (similar to the Sharpie Paint Pens)
-You can change the tips (the pens are available in different tips sizes as well)

All in all, the pens are quite yummy. They're expensive but with care, they should last you a long time. I'm hoping to add to my collection soon!

More on the Molotow site here.


MarleneMAZ said...

HI Kelly, so weird that Teesha posted about these yesterday and now you.
I got a couple and didn't really like them but I love the Montana Acrylic markers. The sad thing about those is they do not come in a lot of colours though.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Someone just told me Teesha posted. I haven't read my blogs since Thursday night. Crazy busy prepping for AZ!
Funny as I didn't like the Montana markers!! Lol! I like the tip and colors of the Molotow markers.
Hope you're well!!!

brigitte said...

nice gift! i just read about these on Teesha's blog. i was hoping to hear what your input was. Will put them on my wishlist.

Kelly Kilmer said...

My two cents:
I would only buy the colors you can't get from sharpie waterbased paint markers or other similar waterbased paint markers.
Also, I don't like the thicker markers, only the bullet point or fine tip kind. The fat, Bingo style markers have never been my thing.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

I just ordered a few of these from Blick and am waiting for their arrival! Can't wait to try them, as my Sharpies, that I LOVE, don't come in enough colors. I like the fine points, too, and ordered the 2 mm size...

irene said...

these look like fun, kelly. thanks for the heads up. hugs. irene

Sandy said...

These look fun and love the bright colors. Will have to check them out. Thanks.

Jami said...

I bought some of these a few months ago and I LOVE them. I did NOT love when our puppy, Lola, ate up my fluorescent marker! Her face, and our cream carpet were neon pink. Cool thing is you can buy empty markers and make your own colors, which I've had fun doing!

emily cline said...

oh boy. Like a junkie to smack... here I go... Thanks for another addiction! :)