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Friday, December 07, 2012

Good Enough?

Often times I hear a voice asking, "Am I good enough?" (It doesn't just focus on the art.) A loud chorus starts to respond. Louder and louder it gets until out of the cacophony, a soft voice says, "Are you?" 

Even after doing what I've done for well over a decade, I still play the same song in my head. The voices push me and sometimes I push back. Sometimes the voices push me in a different direction. They make me think of things I hadn't thought of before. They open my eyes. Sometimes the voices hurt me and I can't take it any more. 

Sometimes we just have to be enough.


Tricia said...

Thank you for baring your most fragile self.

You/I/We are good enough!

Daisy Yellow said...

You are indeed. Good enough. More than good enough.

Anonymous said...

Desperately seeking book and art supply recs for my xmas wish list. Help will be greatly appreciated.

Sandy said...

You are good enough. I have a brass locket that has that sentiment stamped inside. I wear it often, it's my secret but I know it's there. I have this thought all the time. I wonder because I no longer work because of illness, Am I good enough. What really defines us a person? Society? What others think? It's so hard to reach deep inside and just know that indeed we are. Hugs.

Deb said...

I value your heart..which you have opened. I just did a page about my heart not being valued from my ex-husband. We all need to take care of the hearts of people we love.
Thank you Kelly

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you, Ladies. I think it makes it easier when we know we're not alone.

Kelly Kilmer said...

@Alexandra I'm super crazy busy at the moment but am planning a book post soon. As far as art supplies, check back on recent blog posts. I haven't bought much lately and what I have bought I posted on here, fb or instagram. The coolest new thing are new stencil designs from dick Blick that I bought. Haven't bought tape for a bit. What are you looking for?

Indigene Theresa said...

You are absolutely more than enough! Why do we doubt ourselves so much? Sending you extra (((hugs))) and love. :)