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Sunday, December 16, 2012

6 October 2012 Journal Page

Sometimes you wonder as A Keeper of a Blog how much you should share with your readers. I always try to be open and honest whenever I write. My life is a lot like your life and the lives of those around you, full of every day moments where the good, the bad and the downright ugly play out. These days it seems a lot more like a really bumpy roller coaster ride with a mix of ups and downs. 

I'm grateful to have an outlet (my journal.) I'm very grateful to have someone whom I love so very much who will hold me tight at 3 in the morning if I break down crying. I'm grateful to have a job that I love and that I can channel so much of my heart and energy into. I'm grateful that my taller than me son knows when something is wrong and will give me a hug for no reason. I'm grateful to have a family whom I can call and reach out to even though we're miles apart. I'm grateful for friends who will meet me for tea when it's one of those "I just need to talk" kind of days. I'm grateful for my students as they are the ones who push me to come up with new ideas and to offer the best that I can when I teach a class. I'm grateful for YOU listening to me and for reading this.

One of my cousins who has always been more like a favorite aunt than a cousin to me was rushed into surgery Friday night for a major operation. She woke up today and she seems to be doing better. Any good thoughts, prayers, love, etc... that you want to send her way would be much appreciated. She was very close to my Dad (more like a sister/brother relationship than cousins) especially since they were so close in age. She is very, very much loved and brings so much into our lives so thank you for any good thoughts that you can send her way. She's had a rough few months and we're hoping that the New Year brings only good things to her (as well as the rest of us!)


Marylinn Kelly said...

Dear Kelly, Thinking only of better days. May all be well. Love, Marylinn

Barbara Hagerty said...

Sending tons of good thoughts, hugs, and love! I'm grateful for you!

Deb said...

I will pray for your Dear Aunt and all the parents and children in Newton Ct. Hugs and Bless you, Deb

Indigene said...

Praying that you and your family come into the new year in health and happeness.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Oh my goodness, Kelly! Now I will send YOU and your cousin- aunt tons and tons of get well wishes and healing thoughts!! Hugs and more hugs, kath

Brian Kasstle said...

Kelly wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a healthy, prosperous New Year & a heck of a lot of journaling!

Seth said...

Sending on those thoughts Kelly...and letting you know how grateful we all are for you!

Tricia said...

Kelly, Thank you a bazillion times over for sharing your life with us! You are a great teacher not only in your classes but in life. You keep things real. Sending well wishes to you and your family.

jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

Best wishes for your loved one's continued recovery.