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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Copies vs Originals

I received an email this morning asking if I used copies or originals in my work. 

Years ago, I used to make copies of my favorite images but now I just use originals. The only exception is when there's a super, cool, amazing image on the back and I'm torn between which to use. Only then will I make copies. It doesn't happen often.
Using the originals NOW and not waiting to make copies works better for me. There's an abundance of collage ephemera out there. Working this way also seems to make our stash less precious and you quickly get over the attitude of, "I'm saving that for the perfect page!" 

Using what you have and what's in front of you puts you in the now and I find it makes for easier work as well as less money and time wasted running around making copies of everything. It forces you to step outside of the familiar and to keep your eyes open for new source material, new ways of looking at your tools.

I have an inkjet printer at home but I only use it for my class handouts. When I need to make color copies, I head to the local copy shop.

Occasionally, I like to make color copies of my finished journal pages and rework the copies. It's a really good creative push. It also enables you to use favorite images again in a new way.


Indigene Theresa said...

I agree Kelly! The only times I've used copies are if they are personal photos. There's something wonderful about the spontaneity of working with what you have in the moment! :)

Antares Cryptos said...

I'll never get over the save it for the perfect page, but I have started using more of my collage stash.

Copying is too time consuming.

Kate Burroughs said...

I agree about using stuff that you absolutely love, love, love. Do not wait for the "perfect page" to use these things. Why? Down the road your tastes will change and something that you used to love, love, love is not your favorite in 5 years. So use up that amazing paper or ribbon or whatever instead of hoarding it. You will love it that you are using your stash! I do sometimes go out and buy more of things that are being discontinued but there is always new stuff being made so I know there will always be great stuff to use!

melissa said...

It makes sense to use original copies in an art journal, if only because it's not like you're going to throw the art journal away! hehe

I'm more likely to keep an art journal than I am to keep a folder of random images.

Alisa said...

Thanks for this, Kelly!
I was a bit stuck, but your observation about being "in the now," inspired me to cut up some postage stamps I was saving and to complete some pieces. I think that when we assign the notion of "precious" to things we may be blocking our creative process. And more stuff always finds its way in…