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Thursday, November 15, 2012

17 September 2012 Journal Page

Recently I was talking to someone about film. He insisted that he did not like westerns. I countered with, "Perhaps you haven't seen the right ones." He was stubborn, shook his head and completely dismissed my comments when I said that I used to think the same thing until David showed me "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" and "Ride the High Country", both of which are now on my list of favorite films.

How do we get like this? How do we become so willing to shut ourselves off to new ideas and new possibilities? Why are we so stubborn and stuck on remaining so narrow minded? When did we lose our sense of wonder that we had as children? 

Some food for thought this afternoon. Perhaps something to ponder in your art journal.


Daisy Yellow said...

At the supermarket a few years ago, the checkout cashier asked me what tofu was like. I suggested she try it in a stir-fry and she said quite seriously, "Oh, I never try any new foods."

Kelly Kilmer said...

ACK!!! @Daisy Yellow

Doodlebugheart said...

In the wake of All Things Political 2012, I kept seeing this all over the place. It's kinda gross. :/

Kelly Kilmer said...

@doodlebugheart I think it depends on your perspective! Since I tend to view things as "real life issues" as opposed to "political", perhaps I have a different way of seeing things than others.

Amrita said...

many people seem to lose their creative side and the side that wants to try new things. Perhaps for some people it's because of a bad experience?

eli said...

I love how you use hands in your pages, Kelly. I use them regularly too, just like I use hearts, stars, women pics, landscapes and big letters :)

Sandy said...

I have to remind myself to be open minded and try new things. I think we become so used to a certain rhythm that we forget that we may learn to love something new.

Anonymous said...

hmm. why not turn the gazing mirror in your own direction, too. maybe rethink your outspoken aversion to the color blue?

Kelly Kilmer said...

LOL I NEVER said I didn't like the color blue. I tend to use blue a lot in my work.

Again, I'm not saying someone has to *LIKE* something but that they just be willing to the possibility of TRYING it to SEE if they like it.

Anonymous said...

In my experience with my family, reluctance to try things is generally about fear. Fear of being wrong, fear of the unknown, or fear of losing complacency. If I find myself feeling that way, my husband helps me figure out what I'm afraid of and to get unstuck.