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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Clown Story

I'm all prepped and ready for both of my classes this weekend. I hope that my students are as eager and excited as I am! I've been working on my handouts for my Northern California classes in a couple of weeks. I'm changing my teaching style a bit, moving in a new direction. I have lots of new ideas up my sleeves. I love developing new classes and seeing how folks react to them. I've always said that my students push me and are the ones who encourage me to stay on my toes (thank you, guys!)

I was thinking about another funny Dad story last night. I posted a photo of a Mom dressed in a clown suit hiding under her daughter's bed. Years ago when my Mom, Dad, sister and I moved into 352 Beale St in Quincy, MA, my Dad said that both Erin and I each had a present waiting for us in our rooms. We ran up the stairs (of our very empty new home) and into our rooms. At the same time we both screamed LOUD. Sitting in the middle of our empty bedrooms was a clown in a rocking chair. My Dad didn't know that we were terrified of clowns (I think we've seen one too many stupid, scary, clown movies.) He was always buying us stuffed animals and he thought we'd like these. I swore when we were all moved in that Erin and I both slept with one eye on our clowns for awhile. My clown traveled West with me. He was a permanent fixture in Tristan's room until Tristan developed the same fear of clowns, put the clown in the closet and barricaded the door. I told Tristan that the clown is probably really pissed now and we all have to watch out. Thinking about Dad's kind gesture making both my sister and I scream like maniacs really cracks me up.


Erin said...

I don't think we actually screamed or even said anything because we didnt want to hurt his feelings. They WERE scary though. Poor daddy. He meant well.

Kelly Kilmer said...

yeah, we screamed and I think laughed about it but we didn't tell Daddy at the time. Mom knew, though.

Daddy always meant well. :)

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

OMG! That is too funny. Clowns really are quite creepy...but only since Twilight Zone started it, right?!

your loving mama said...

i notice that no mention of the fact that MOMMY still has the red one in storage in woburn, massachusetts...doodoodoodoo...doodoodoodoo..was there a previous mention of the TWILIGHT ZONE...3:30 am can't get back to sleep...LOL...me...

Kelly Kilmer said...

I think it has to do with the talking,killer doll phenomenon stuff like Talky Tina and the ventriloquist dummy from Twilight Zone the tv series,the clown from Poltergeist,etc.... I didn't like China dolls (after hearing a ghost story about one as a very young child) or clown dolls. Now I have no problem with either. Lol!!!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space freaked me out as a kid. We watched it recently and I just rolled my eyes and said,"I was afraid of THIS?!" LOL


Anonymous said...

"We all float down here Georgie!" That movie did it for me...granted I saw that movie when I was like seven years old.

Blah, clowns suck. No normal person has feet like that!

Love, your very scared and
uncomfortable cousin Baby Angrea