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Friday, September 14, 2012

12 August 2012 Journal Page

I always try to be honest and open in my journal pages. My pages from the journal that I've been posting here the last couple of months are full of pain because I have been in a lot of pain since June 9th. I always try to be honest and open when it comes to art journaling. I post them here not looking for commentary but to encourage others to be open and honest in their journaling and so that some folks understand that journaling isn't always gumdrops and roses. My motto with art journaling is if I can do it, so can you.

Looking at this page, I remember exactly how I felt when I created it and what was running through my head. If anyone is wondering what the hearts are at the top of the page, they're from a Valentine's clear plastic goodie bag. I used micro permanent glue dots to attach them.


David, Tristan and I went to The Academy last night to see Jerry Lewis. It was fabulous. He was dead on, quick witted and very informative. I enjoyed hearing his stories about his behind the scenes work as a filmmaker. The evening didn't disappoint in any way! I'm very thankful that we had the opportunity. I'm also grateful that The Academy keeps ticket prices affordable. For $13, the three of us can go to see filmmakers talk, see clips, films, etc... We try to take advantage of living in L.A. as much as we can! Now if only Tristan would appreciate it. Hopefully, someday...


eli said...

I'm honest and open in my pages too. I had a period full of sadness some time ago, a friend of mine told me she would like to see some smiles in my pages, I told her I'd like to have some smiles in my life.
Well, I have some smiles in my pages these days :)

trish quilty said...

Hi Kelly:
I cannot imagine seeing the great Jerry Lewis. What a great listen that must have been. I used to love the old Dean Martin/Jerry movies, then the ones he was a solo actor. I have admired him for many years for the Labor Telethon he did even when he was ill.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs, Patq

Kelly Kilmer said...


I love your reply! I feel the same way! Smiles are good. :)

Hi Pat,

It was a big treat! I almost fell over when I found out about it. I happened to look online the other day at the Academy site and said, "WHAT?!?!"I sat down and ordered tickets right there. He was supposed to be at a local video store but it was postponed and then the video store closed. I jumped at this chance!

I adore Dean Martin, too. I could listen and watch him 'til the cows came home. I've read a few books about him, too.

We used to watch the telethon every year. I had mixed feelings as it meant back to school. ;) Summer was always about Jerry Lewis, sci-fi/horror "Creature Double Feature" on channel 56 and Monkees reruns! ;)

Hope things are well!!!