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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Pens from JetPens!

JetPens sent me a $25 gift certificate to use in their store. I thought I'd try out a new case along with some uniballs in different colors and tip sizes. Here's what I bought:

Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case - Book Style - Brown

Uni-ball Signo Broad UM-153 Gel Ink Pen - Dark Blue Ink

Uni-ball Signo (DX) UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Emerald Green

Uni-ball Signo (DX) UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Pink

Uni-ball Signo (DX) UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Lime Green

Uni-ball Signo (DX) UM-151 Gel Ink Pen - 0.38 mm - Golden Yellow

Here's the pens on plain, white paper:

Here are the pens on dried acrylic paint and gouache (ALWAYS make sure that your page is dry first as wet paint or acrylic medium can mess up a pen!):

They will also write on washi tape (not anything plasticy) but you need to make sure that they are given plenty of drying time.

Thanks again, Jetpens!


Irene said...

Very exciting. I loved trying these new pens at your workshop. It was a fun afternoon spent with special people. Thanks! xo

martha brown said...

Have you seen this tape? I NEEED some :)
Have you see it online anywhere to buy domesticly?

Kelly Kilmer said...

It was SO good to see you!!! Don't be a stranger! ;)



I LOVE that tape.

I ordered mine from Washimatta. If you're ordering a lot of tape ($50 or more), her prices are the BEST even when you factor in shipping. Also, when ordering from Japan, most rolls are 15 mm (as opposed to 10 mm in the U.S.)

In the U.S., I would also recommend Cute Tape:

Various vendors on etsy also have it under graffiti tape.

I have it and LOVE IT. It is frickin' awesome and layers WONDERFULLY. I hope that they make more of them.

Hope things are well!


jonreneewebb@msn.com said...

I like drawing with pens and markers. The cheap ones I have tend to bleed or go dry at the most inconvenient times. Would these types of pens be good for small scale drawing?