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Friday, April 27, 2012

Kelly's Classes April-June 2012

 I can't believe that May is next week! I figured that I had better get these up and listed! I've added a complete in depth view for April-June, as well.

Here's my list of classes for April-June 2012. I may add to this list. I'm ALWAYS looking for new teaching venues so if you know of any that may be interested, I'd love to hear. You can email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

Thank YOU for your interest!
6th Simi Valley Building up the Layers
12th Banana Rose Westlake Village Beautiful Life Journal (NEW venue!!)
I'll be packing my traveling bags this summer and have scheduled classes at:
(stay tuned, folks, there are more classes to come!)


Anonymous said...

SO looking forward to meeting you and being in your workshops in Monterey!

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Buffalo area needs you... Always holding my breath. Kath

brigitte said...

i hope to see you in july at the ink pad! keeping my fingers crossed that i can make it

Michelle Gregory said...

you are one busy girl.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Toliveinspired, I'm looking forward to it!

Kathy, not this year but hopefully some day!!!

Brigitte, I hope so, too!

Michelle, I love my job!!!!! It's the best one in the world!!!!

Shanta Devi said...

Hi Kelly,

I'm so excited that you are teaching in Westlake! Eeeee! It will be my first time taking one of your classes and I am so jazzed! I know that it will be fabulous. :)

I stopped by the store the other day for the first time and it's such a cute space, and the owner and her daughter were so nice and welcoming.

I have a supply list question - I'd prefer to not have to buy extra supplies for the class, and would like to know if my substitutions would work that day...

- I have a rubber brayer (Speedball). Would that work in place of a bone folder? Not sure what the bone folder will be used for - for the journal construction?

- I have a plastic ruler. Does it have to be metal with a cork back?

- I have a Vivid brand ink pad which is semi-waterproof and I use it all the time. Will this work?


- Shanta

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Shanta,

Looking forward to meeting you!

I will have a few extra supplies on hand. Don't worry about an ink pad if you don't have one. I prefer the Staz-on pad as it will stamp on slick surfaces such as tape, transparencies, etc... I have extras.

I use a metal ruler (with or without cork back) to tear my paper for collage. I will try to remember to bring a couple of extras to share. If down the road you do want to get one, get them from the dollar store or office supply store as they are much cheaper there than at the art supply store.

I use a bone folder to fold and score paper as well as to burnish/transfer rub-ons to the page. I will have a couple of extra in my bag to share. You get a better fold with the bone folder than with a brayer.

If you have ANY Questions, please email me at EGorey99@sbcglobal.net

Looking forward to meeting you and teaching at Banana Rose! :)

Shanta Devi said...

Hey Kelly,

Thanks so much for your reply and explanations. I'll try and pick up the ruler, bone folder, and ink pad. I've always wanted a permanent ink pad, but was concerned about drying time. I'm not too patient when it comes to art pages drying before I can work again haha. I work in multiple journals for this very reason LOL. :)

See you soon!

- Shanta

Kelly Kilmer said...

Shanta, I am the EXACT same way. What I use has to dry NOW. Staz-on dries fast. I work one journal at a time so it has to cooperate with my NOWWW schedule.

I'll have a 2 extra bone folders and rulers so don't worry about it! :)