The Journey Within: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity

I am very excited to bring you my latest online class, The Journey Within: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity. A workshop designed to unlock your own creative potential while exploring a myriad of art tips, tricks, techniques and prompts upon the pages of your art journal. In this e-book* form course, you will learn how to construct a simple, made from scratch art journal that utilizes a very cool and funky bookbinding stitch (easy for beginners and fun for advanced students!) You will work completely at your own pace utilizing collage templates, mixed media techniques and journal prompts (all new and designed specifically for this class!) I will share with you a large variety of collage (composition and design) techniques, layering ideas, pen work, cut outs, stencils, doodling, journaling, etc... I won't hold anything back! You will learn how to create your own luscious, layered, unique pages like the ones shown above. My main goal in this class is not only to teach you what I've mentioned above, but also to teach you how to work through and overcome what's called "Artist's Block." I have been keeping a daily journal for over 15 years now and am never at a lack for new ideas when it comes to self expression and art making. I will share with you how I keep myself from becoming blocked. 

Are there photos?

Yes, there are photos of my sample pages.  

Is there a handout?

YES! I am a firm believer in handouts. You will receive an extremely detailed handout that you can download, save and print out. There are step by step instructions, tons of information, photos and more. There are also (new!) collage templates for you to use! I will teach you how to create your own unique pages like the ones shown above. Included in the 68 page handout are: -33 collage templates (one for every day of the month and then some!) -100 tips, tricks and techniques for hands on ideas on getting over creative block (in other words, what I do to get me inspired to create!) and more! 

What's the supply list? 

I really want you to use stuff that you already have on hand. For the pages, you need glue (a glue stick, gel medium, whatever adhesive you usually use for paper). You will need some of your favorite pens (again, use what you have on hand. I did not limit myself with this class but used my favorite supplies (as shown here in this blog post). The pens that I used include a black permanent, waterproof pen (Rapidosketch .35), Sakura Glaze, Souffle pens, a white Uniball signo and Pilot Latte pens (but again, please use what you have on hand and don't feel like you have to buy anything special for this class.) You need a pair of scissors, an old rag or paper towel for burnishing the images, a gluing surface (like an old catalog). You will need a selection of your favorite papers (think along the lines of anything that you would glue down to create a page: handmade papers, scrapbook papers, old magazines, catalogs or books) for the collage part of the class. Other fun items that I used include stickers, transparencies, tissue paper, stencils, washi tape, rub-ons, etc... Again, I want to stress, do NOT go out and buy anything for this class. Please use what you have on hand. For Creating the Book: a hardcover book, paper ephemera, tape, PVA or gel medium or even a glue stick, awl, needle, waxed linen thread, cardstock (I use 140 lb wausau exact index cardstock but you can use your favorite paper, scrapbook paper, handmade paper, junk paper, etc...) 

I work full time, can I take this class at any time? 

Yes! This is a work at your own pace class. You can sign up at any point. You will have full access to the class. I am always available to answer and respond to questions. 

When does the class start? This is a work at your own pace class that you can access at any time! 

Within 24 hours of you signing up, you will receive an email from me with information. Please take a minute to read this email (upon receipt) in its entirety. You can access, download and print the handout out at anytime! You do not have to start (or finish) on any specific date. I will be leaving the class material up so that students can access the information AT ANY TIME. I am ALWAYS available if you need me via email! I will also be checking in with the group on a regular basis to see how people are doing. When you sign up for this class, you are in and can access it any time that is most convenient for YOU. 

How much does it cost? 

 $25. Please note there are NO REFUNDS once you receive the course materials. Please also respect the amount of time, effort and work it took me to create this material. You can download, save and print out (or read it on your ipad, kindle, etc...) for personal use. I'm a one woman (very small) business and I work very hard at what I do. I strive to offer the best material possible. I'm always excited about what I teach and I hope that you get the most out of my classes. This helps to support my work and makes me able to offer more classes and come up new ideas! If you teach children, feel free to work on the exercises with them! I don't mind people who teach kids using these ideas in classes! Get 'em started and hooked on art young is my motto! 

Can I give the class as a gift? 

Sure! If you email me or include a note with your payment, I will email the file to whomever you'd like. I've included a special option via the paypal button below just make sure that you include the name and email of the person receiving the class and any additional information you'd like me to include. If you want to give a gift to more than two people, just email me and I'll send you an invoice! 

Who is this class geared towards? 

Everyone! I strive to make my classes accessible for beginners to advanced students. I have been working in and teaching this medium for over 15 years now and I learn something new with every workshop. 

This class does not close so you can take the workshop ANY time and work at your own pace! Once you've signed up for The Journey Within, you are in the workshop! How do I sign up? 

Click the Paypal button below or email me at more more info!
The Journey Within
*e-book=pdf file that can be read on your laptop, home computer, smart phone, iphone, ipad, etc... You can also download it, save it and print it out and read it the old fashioned way (which is what I do). You don't have to be tech savvy, a pdf file is one of the most basic files on the internet. I have basic trouble shooting guides, information and I'll be around if anyone has a problem or any questions! The class is entirely work at your own pace at ANY TIME.


Emie58 said…
LOVE your online classes.... I signed up right away!
Cat said…
Awesome--this new class sounds great!! I will be signing up--when depends on the finances!! I really need help with getting through the blocked periods so this will be right up my alley!! Thanks, Kelly!!
Cynthea said…
Sounds like a great class, that would be even better with videos:) I am addicted to watching videos for art journaling and mixed media. I find it so helpful. How many pages is the PDF for this class? thanks :)
Kelly Kilmer said…
Hi Cynthea,
Sorry, no videos. I am trying to keep class prices as low as possible so for now I am not offering new video classes but extensive pdf file classes with photos, templates and more. I am still working on the pdf so I will update the description with page count, etc as soon as possible. Trust me when I say everything is extensive and it WILL get you inspire you to get your art journal groove on. I am also always available should anyone have questions.
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thank you, Cat!!
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thanks, Emie! I will be sending out an email later on today!
Kelly Kilmer said…
:) Thank you!!!!!
laurie said…
yippeee! i just signed up for this class, kelly, but i used my husband's paypal account. i will send you his email and mine so you can send all this fun to me. :-)
Unknown said…
I just signed up, can't wait to get started! :)
Barbara Hagerty said…
Count me in! I will definitely be signing up before the end of March! I have so much fun mixing and matching tips and techniques from your various workshops! Each one provides lots of fun practice and always adds something new and new ways of looking at something old. Love that you're doing another one so soon!
Kelly Kilmer said…
Thank you, everyone!!!

Thank you, Barbara! I'm so happy that you like my workshops. I always enjoy seeing your take on them!!!
this sounds like something i need right now.
Jean said…
I always love your classes! Can't wait to get started! :)

Thanks for sharing your experience, knowledge and creativity! LOVE IT!
Stephanie said…
this may be a silly question but what are collage templates exactly. I art journal, but I don't use collage much. thanks!
Kelly Kilmer said…
They are diagrams (or illustrations) used to show you different ideas for placement of collage ephemera. So, each template is different in telling you where to place your background papers and focal images. They are similar to what scrapbookers use for layout ideas.

I hope this helps!
Deb said…
Hi Kelly
Just signed up, can't wait to get started..thank you Deb

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