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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Journaling in My Car

Tristan had an orthodontist appointment yesterday so while he was inside, I was in my car cutting and pasting. I left everything on the dashboard (from left to right):

-Collage bits and pieces inside of a small packing kit (I usually use these.)

-The pink cap is actually the cover to the pink scissors that you see over here. They are new scissors that Jetpens is carrying. For on the go use when they are not used on a regular basis, they are perfect. They are small and compact and easy to use. For on the go, heavy use, I prefer these from Jetpens. They fit really good in your hands and cut perfectly even through heavy items like transparencies! Plus, they are travel approved!

-Coccoina glue stick (40 gram size. I buy mine here.)

-New transparent printed deco tape that I found from scrapbook.com.

-My small, favorite pens (Lattes!) These pens go everywhere my journal goes. For a small pen, as long as you store them right and keep them capped when not in use, they last a LONG time.

-Scissors I just mentioned are sitting on a case I bought from Jetpens with my other new favorite pens, Zig Kuretake CocoIro pens (I will be doing a whole post on these soon.)

What you can't see:
In my lap:
My small journal.
A small rag (for burnishing and excess gluing.)
I usually carry paper towels or an old magazine/catalog for gluing and then I recycle everything when I'm done.

Zinnia changed their website! You can see how amazing it looks here. You can also sign up for my upcoming classes there (Teaching Beautiful Life on Friday and Sanctuary on the 24th. These are the last time that I will be teaching either class locally for some time.)
I've also fixed the links on my blogs so that they're easier to find.

Also, before I forget, Washimatta who I mentioned yesterday was having trouble with her shipping charges in her cart. She always refunds any overages and is excellent with communication so if you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact her!

I'm off to take my Mom and cousin along the Coast today!


Cat said...

What a neat set up! Everything you need at your fingertips!! I hope you had a great trip up the coast with your mom and cousin!

Doodlebugheart said...

super cute! And I love Zinnia's new site!