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Monday, March 19, 2012

Is It Wrong...

to be excited about your own online class?


What some folks don't understand is that I love to teach for several reasons. One big reason is seeing how others interpret the ideas and make them their own.

The other big reason is that YOU are the ones who push and encourage me. When folks sign up for my classes (in person and online), they are encouraging and pushing me to come up with new ideas and ways of approaching the page. Constantly. YOU are the ones who nourish my creativity. I am forever grateful for it. You have no idea. Thank you.

I'm a few pages away from finishing the sample journal for the class and there is a serious fire that's been lit. So for those of you who have expressed an interest, again, thank you.

I'm diving back in. Hope your day is going well.

*Above is a small snippet of a portion of one of the pages in the new class, The Journey Within: A Guide to Unlocking Your Creativity. There are 30 pages total within this book. I may have some more teaser photos of portions of pages soon if folks are interested. (I love this page and this small snippet is so different than seeing this page as a whole.)


laurie said...

i can't wait to hear more about this class!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks, Laurie!

I announced the class early to see if there was any interest in it. There is and I'm super excited!

It's a class that will offer 30 collage templates (teaching you various ways of approaching the page as well as composition and design) as well as 30 different "Creativity Busters", which are some of my most favorite ways to work through creative block. I think too many folks are stressing about art journaling when it should be fun, honest and something that anyone can do. The techniques and ideas taught can also be applied to a myriad of art forms not just art journaling.

I have been hard at work stressing and striving to make this class not only unique and something for everyone but also something different. I don't like repeating myself when it comes to collage so I am really trying to push myself even further with this one. It's the same approach I try to take with all of my art making.

Thanks again!!!


Sandy said...

Great page. I just signed up. Hoping to catch up and keep up. I love your classes.

Sheila said...

I LOVE your pages! Your classes look amazing and I love your blog. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Sheila in Oregon

Emie58 said...

YES for teaser photos!!!!!!

Tricia said...

You have persmission to love who and what you like!
Love the name of the class....I could use some help "unlocking" my creativity. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us.

Desert Mermaid said...