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Monday, February 20, 2012

Order Received From Hambly

I wrote that I've had to replenish some supplies lately. While I was in Fremont, I ordered some of the limited edition Hambly prints. I love how after CHA, Hambly releases papers and transparencies in limited edition colors. You don't know what you'll receive when you order but it's fun opening the box and seeing such a vast array of color.

After going through the box, my favorites are:

-Streets of Paris

-Herringbone (which I was somewhat unsure of but I can see the potential in tearing the paper up into smaller bits.)
-Streets of Paris

I don't know if I like the Chevron prints yet. I'll have to play with them a bit. The Chevron Mash Up is fun as you get three different designs on one page.

Hambly's Overlays of Journal Tags and Cards are fun. I can definitely see the potential in layering and combining these.

I'll definitely be posting journal pages as I use the new toys.

I know that several of the stores that I teach at ordered the new lines so check your local shops who are slowly starting to receive their CHA orders. I can't wait for the new tape!!!


Anonymous said...

I know, the tape takes soooo long to come out! I know I am getting the two rolls with the labels and the cameras ...and I am going to get the birds - I made my own, but I have wanted theirs since it came out! Wahoo!

Sandy said...

Great paper. I have so much Hambly stuff, I just need to remember to take it out.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Melanie, tell me about it! :)I am eyeing the new script tape. :)

Sandy, That's why I cut my paper up as soon as possible and put some of it in my "now" stash. :) Every time I buy paper, a piece of it goes into my little on the go art journal bag that I use even at home. :)

I ended up keeping about a 1/4 of what's in the picture and the rest will go in my class supply stash. The paper and transparencies I kept, I immediately cut in half and put half in my collage bag I pull stuff from.

Cat said...

After I read this post I went straight to the Hambly website and placed an order for some papers and rub-ons. Yum!! I did not order any overlays/transparencies because I'm not sure how to use them. I sure hope they ship fast!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

I layer the overlays/transparencies. You see me use them a lot in my work. I'll cut them up into all different shapes and sizes. I'll layer them onto pages, layer other things on top of them, layer them onto each other, etc... I use either glue dots or tape to hold them down.

Hambly does ship fast! I love them! One of these days I hope to take a tour of their factory (as they do offer tours!)

:) Kelly

Kimberly said...

Kelly, did you see the post on Hambly Studios blog about Harry Hambly "winding down operations" of the business?

I put an order in immediately.


Kelly Kilmer said...

SHIT! Thanks, Kimberly. That makes me VERY sad. They've been around 35+ years. Harry Hambly even worked with Corita Kent. Very, very sad.
I hope to make it for a tour at the end of the month IF they are still around and open to the public...