Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Work in Progress Journal Page

Above is a page in progress. I'll show you the finished page soon.

Another fun and busy day!

My sister came over early with Jack (my little nephew). We hung out for awhile while I ran around the house doing various errands.

All of us trekked to the mall. I needed a new pair of sunglasses (my favorite pink pair broke. Sob!) and some new tights. The mall is not one of my favorite places but since visiting New England Comics is a must for me every trip, I needed sunglasses (they have the best sunglasses!) and they moved to the mall, I had no choice but to hit the South Shore Plaza. It's changed so much since I was a kid. I miss the educational store and ohhhh how very much I miss Windsor Button where I would buy stickers!!!

I really enjoy just visiting New England. I am always flooded with so many memories.

We visited my sister-in-law and her family tonight. We hadn't seen them in awhile and the kids were so big. Tristan had a great time playing Lego and videogames with our younger nephew. We got a kick seeing what our older nephew did to his microphone with all of the colored duct tape we got him for Christmas! It was a fun night.

All packed and ready for my classes at Ink About It tomorrow and Friday. I'm looking forward to teaching! I'll be debuting a new class, too. Cool beans!

I hope that your week is going well.

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