Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I hope that everyone is having a nice holiday. We had a good day here.

We started the day bright and early rushing to get over to my sister's house to see my nephew open his presents as well as seeing my Uncle and Cousin who could only stay so long. Then came the mad rush of opening presents. Trying to take turns opening presents with eight people (including a toddler and a 14 year old) can be interesting. My nephew could've spent all day with his train set (the same goes with Tristan and his new Lego sets) and have been content with that. I remember how it was as a kid wanting to play with toys...

We had places to go and people to see! My Cousin Bev, Aunt Sis and family members were waiting! I was really looking forward to seeing them. Before we trekked over there, I was with David in my Mom's car, I wanted to see my Grandmother's old house so I drove David on a tour of Foxboro reminiscing. Holidays can be hard for everyone when you start thinking of those who aren't with us anymore. I try to think most about the happy times we experienced and the memories made.

We had a great day. Bev went out of her way to make a delicious meal for all of us. As always, everything was excellent and quite yummy. The day was spent talking and visiting with everyone.

Now we're back at my parents' house and everyone is exhausted. I'm off to relax and try to get some sleep. None of us has had a full night's sleep in several days so I'm hoping to catch some serious zzzz's tonight.

Happy Christmas!!


Anonymous said...

Just got back into town and caught up on your posts.

Would like to contribute to your friend's fund. Is there a bank trust set up for this family. I'd like to contribute funds, but the paypal option without identifying information about the family unsettles me.

I think your wish to help those in need is admirable, but I just would feel more comfortable following more conventional protocols for charitable giving.

Have heard of cases using the paypal set up that you used, and then diverting the funds for their own use. I realize that is not your way of doing business, but some of your readers could construe your fund raising in that light--especially because you have shared your monie worries on your blog.

If you decide to continue raising money for the east coast family, please get something set up at a bank, so your readers can continue making donations in that family's name.
Thank you,

Kelly Kilmer said...


You clearly don't know me if you think that I would touch the funds for M and her kids in ANY WAY. I have ALWAYS tried to be VERY OPEN AND HONEST in every way in my face to face dealings with people, on the internet and even on the pages of my own journal. I have tried to live the "what you see is what you get" saying all of my life. At times this has gotten me into trouble and from the tone of your comment, it sounds like this will be one of those times.

My desire to help her and my idea on how to do it was purely last minute. I had no idea of what was going on until earlier that day when my Mom let it slip that she had bought M some gift cards. I asked her what was going on and she told me. That started the wheels turning. I asked my sister if it would be okay to do what we ended up doing and she okayed everything including the blog post. We took out any personal information that would make M identifiable (except leaving the part about the kids in there.) My sister did not know how M would react (shock, tears and gratitude were the reaction) nor did she want M's family to know about the funds for various reasons.

I had thought about setting up something through a bank but we only had mere days until Christmas and this was the fastest way to reach people.

Again, I am upset and sad that you have thought poorly of me in any way. I hope that you and other readers realize that none of this was done to benefit me in any way but only to help a friend who is in need.


Cat said...


I just wanted to say that unfortunately trust does not come easy to everyone, but anyone who has followed your blog for any length of time would know how honest and forthright you are. I have always admired your willingness to "call it like you see it"---it's a part of your character and it is so obvious to me that it is indicative of honesty and integrity. I am sorry you were made to feel sad and upset about what was a sincere and successful effort to bring some joy into another family's life.

It's OK if you don't approve this comment. I don't know, may be best to let this one die out but I just wanted you to know that there are people out here that would never believe you capable of such deceit as Bella suggested.