Monday, November 28, 2011

What's in my Journal Bag November 2011

I had a discussion on facebook last night regarding journal bag contents. I thought I would post the contents of my bag today:

-Inside the bag (in the center) an Eagle Creek Pack-It system cube holding my collage ephemera. The pack-it bag opens on two sides. One side has focal images and the other has background papers and transparencies.

-The journal bag has odd side pockets that contain my journal (about 8 1/2 x 11"), a ziploc bag full of stickers and another full of rub-ons.

Outside of the bag (but it all fits neatly inside) are:

-Eagle Creek Pack-It Cube holding my pens (Kohinoor rapidosketch .35 and .50 (I put black ink only in the .35 and other inks in the .50. You can see the ink refill in the ziploc bag near the Sta-on pad.) Other pens in the bag are Pilot pocket brush pen, Zebra Sarasas, Uniball Signos, Sharpie waterbased paint markers, Pentel Metallic Brush markers, a small metal ruler and bone folders.)

-Other pens in the photo are Pudding pens (made in Korea), Pilot Latte and Sweets (in the small pink cigarette case which I bought in Japantown, SF for $.99) and a pink butterfly case filled with Sakura Glaze snd Shuffle pens. (My favorite go to pens are rapidosketch .35 in black, Sakura Glaze, Souffle and Aqualip, Pilot Sweets and Lattes.)

-A small tin filled with Caran d'ache Neo Art Watersoluble Wax Pastel Crayons

-Tape (love the printed transparent tape from Tapeswell, O-check and Prima Marketing) as well as various MT and Marks washi paper tapes (usually bought from Washimatta and Ginko Papers)

-Coccoina glue stick (40 grams)

-Tonic scissors

-Metal Ruler (for tearing paper)

-Staz-on ink pad

-Tim Holtz tiny attacher and staples

-Rag (for burnishing and wiping off excess glue)

The only thing not in the photo is an old magazine or catalog that I usually use as a glue surface and then I toss it in the recycle bin. I also usually have a small container of baby wipes for sticky fingers.

I work from this bag regardless as to whether or not I'm home or traveling. I bought it a couple of years ago at Artful Living in Ojai. It's been my favorite journal bag since!

What's in your journal bag?


Irene said...

This is so funny. I have a blog post ready to go showing my travel bag!!! Is that weird? I'll post my daily journal bag too now that I see you are interested. Though it doesn't have much other than pens and journal I love the bag!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Too funny! I was just telling another artist how small our art world is and how surreal (but not unexpected) it can be when we come up with the same ideas!

I've posted my bag several times over the years. I LOVE seeing how it changes!!

Can't wait to see your bag!!


Sandy said...

I need a bigger bag. ;) I love seeing inside your bag. You're so organized.

laurie said...

i dont' think i could list it all here (the contents in my journal bag) but you may have inspired one of my next blog posts!

Cat said...

My journaling stuff is all over my art table and my room but I always pack a bag whenever I go to take a class. It's a large craft tote from "thirty one" with one main compartment and small pockets all around the outside. I love it but it isn't nearly as impressive as yours!! I pack up my file of images, Portfolio oil pastels, glue sicks, gel medium, brushes, tapes, sissors, Archival black ink pad, pens, some clear/foam stamps, stencils etc etc etc!! I LOVE my stuff!!!

Kelly Kilmer said...

If anyone does post their journal bags, please link! I'd love to see your art bags! :)

Sandy, I only look organized. ;) I know where most things are but not always (lol).

Laurie, I'd love to see!

Cat, sounds like fun!! :)

Laura said...

hmmmmmm YUM check out all the gorgeous deco tape !!!!! delish xxx

Monica said...

How do you store your Glaze pens? I have a hard time getting mine to write and store them so ink drains into ball tip.

emily said...

Love it! that was my biggest struggle when I first started -- how and what -- to carry! And now we even sell travel kits. How happy am I to have a job I love, practicing what I preach! (

Kelly Kilmer said...

Monica, I store my pens flat.
I've never had problems with the Glaze pens unless a. They've been stored improperly. b. The caps aren't on right. c. Someone used them on a painted, gessoed or surface covered with gel medium that wasn't dry yet. d. They're almost dried up.
Try storing them flat. Keep the lids on tight. Scratch them out (along the sides of the pen) on scratch paper.
The owner of JetPens suggested heating the tip of the pen with a HAIR DRYER (not heat gun) for 10-15 seconds to loosen up the ink. I don't have a hair dryer so I haven't tried it yet...
Hope this helps! If you can't get them to work, email me privately...