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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Small Portion of my Picture Book Collection

One of the things that I've been doing for many years now is collecting picture books. I've included a few of my favorites in the photo above. They're not only pleasant to read but they're also visually appealing and extremely inspiring. My collection also includes books from the early 1900's.

I tend to pick the books up in my travels to the used and indie bookstores that I frequent (both locally and nationally). Each book tells a story as I can usually tell you where, how, why or with whom that I bought the book.

Two of my favorite artists (not included in the above photo) are Maira Kalman and Shaun Tan. I hope to do a separate post on their books soon.

Do you have any favorite picture books?


Sarah said...

So many! I have also collected them for years-they come in handy for me as a teacher but it is as you say-they are so good to look at. Here are a few favourites
'So Much' By rish Cooke-illustrated by Helen Oxenbury. It brings a lump to my throat each time I get to the end-so much so that I sometimes can't read it to the children.
I love the illustrations of John Burningham, Anthony Browne, brian Wildsmith and Mini Grey.

lisa_crofts said...

Definitely with you on shaun tan and he is from my home town too. But i also like books by mem fox especially wombat divine which i read whether it is christmas or not, giles andreae, jackie french, the illustrations of graeme base and you cant go past dr suess. i too have always collected picture books firstly under the guise of studying to be a teacher librarian and then i really let go when i had my children. I also enjoy young adult fiction the stories are always written so well.

Anonymous said...

My favourites are Safe This Night by Lois Rock illustrated by Louise Rawlings, Little Tree by ee cummings illustrated by Mary Claire Smith and a Lovely Love Story by Edward Monkton

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you! These are fabulous!

Sandy said...

I have The Principles of Uncertainty by Maria Kalman. Love all of yours and the ones listed here. I love book post.