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Saturday, October 08, 2011

23 September 2011 Journal Page

One of the things I'm often asked is what do I journal about? What is my life like that gives me so much material to journal about?

My life is simple, quiet and boring. Rarely do I sit down with anything in mind to journal about (the page above is an exception. I sat down knowing what I wanted to say and what I wanted the page to be about. I was very upset and used my journal to focus that energy and get it out onto the page.)

I will journal about anything and everything: from who is in the room; my thoughts and feelings about them; something that happened, a reaction to something I heard, read or saw; what I've done or what I want to do, etc... I journal about everything it doesn't matter if it's good or sad. I get very upset when I hear people say that you should only journal about good things.

What good is a journal if it's not a complete portrait of the human self? Every person I have ever known has good, bad and downright ugly stories.

Your journal should be a place of refuge, companion, sounding board and even dumping ground. It should be a book that when someone opens it up, they see you on the page.

If you feel like it, think about what I wrote above and how you can interpret it and make it work in your own journal. Start simple. Don't overwhelm yourself. Open your journal and document one small thing that had the most emotional impact on you today.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

You eloqently give us the courage to actually write in our journals.

Raine said...

I hope you feel less crappy. Seriously? Seriously.

Artzy Diva said...

AWESOME page Kelly!!! It shouts out loud!!!!

T and J said...

uhm, your life is far from boring!

Sandy said...

I love this page and feel the sentiment exactly. I do the same thing. Sometimes no one wants to listen to me when I am so mad about what is going on around me and they don't seem to even notice or think that anything can be done to change it. More and more people are becoming that way in our country. It makes me sad to think it. Watching the protest these past weeks has made me happy that so many people are speaking out and letting their voices be heard.

Thank you for talking about the hard things Kelly. We need more people like you. And your life is not boring, trust me.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Lol Most folks would describe my life as boring. I'm quite happy with it. ;)

Thanks for the comments everyone.

There's a second part of this page coming up later today...I enjoy dialoging even if no one else responds or listens, at least I can think things out on paper and not just have them floating around my head.