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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cut & Paste 21st Century Collage

I knew a trip to Book Soup in Hollywood would be dangerous last night. I have two books to show you over the next few days.

The first title is Cut & Paste: 21st Century Collage by Richard Brereton and Caroline Roberts, published by Laurence King. You can find a sneak peek at the inside pages here:

What you need to know is that this is not a book for everyone. I will be very honest. I have several friends who love collage but will not enjoy this book.

However, if snipping paper with scissors sets your heart all a pitter patter AND you want insight and inspiration into some new ideas for repurposing papers than this IS the book for you. Please don't misunderstand me. This is not a how to book. It is a gorgeous full color art book filled with a plethora of work of a vast variety of modern collage artists.

What drew me in the most was work by artists: Craig Atkinson, Serge Bloch, Sam Chamberlain, Sara Fanelli, Mark Lazenby, Tsilli Pines, Eduardo Recife, Rico, Alex Rose, Valerie Roybal, Dani Sanchis and Gary Taxali. Their artwork alone was enough to make this book shelf worthy for me.

Do I need this book to appreciate their work? No.

However, my attitude as an artist (and instructor) is that one should always be learning and evolving. I am hoping that this book inspires me in the art form that makes my heart skip a beat. If you have some time google the artists above. You'll be glad you did.


Marylinn Kelly said...

Evolving as an artist is the difference between life and death. Already this morning I've seen Mark Lazenby's collage work from the book you shared, and at http://tuesdaypoem.blogspot.com/
seen and heard John G. Rives performance poetry at TED, then linked to an earlier post on New Zealand poet Anne Kennedy and her work "The Time of Giants." The world is wider than we can ever know, but each piece of it we absorb enriches us and sharpens our perspective. We may not love or wish to emulate everything we discover but we will be smarter than we were when the day began.

martha brown said...

I looked at the preview pics of this bok -- it looks wonderful!