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Friday, September 23, 2011

15 September 2011 Journal Page

I'm off this weekend. Sad to say, my class at Zinnia tomorrow was canceled. September can be such a hard month.

I'm hoping to try to get some more work in my journal done this weekend. I'm one signature away from being finished. I did two pages today. I seem to be most satisfied with my journal pages when I'm full of raw emotion. The pages pour out of me.

Do you like posts like the ones with lots of links, videos, etc...? If so, let me know! I'm always interested in hearing what my readers think.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Weekend!


Marylinn Kelly said...

I enjoy Blog Love, I always discover several new things. I like when you tell what tools and products you prefer to work with and include information where they can be found. And I travel along with you to farmers' markets, bookstores, ComiCon, and across the country. A blog is at its best when it is honest, authentic, when we hear the writer's true voice. It becomes a place of trust and often comfort where we stop to visit a friend. Your choice of post topics seem just right. Don't go changing on my account. xo

Kat said...

I think you have a nice balance of pics, vids, and links. I like a bit of all of them - but I love seeing your journal work most!

Sandy said...

So sorry about your class. I know you're disappointed, that's a lot of work you put into each one.

I love your pages, love all the journaling. It's great that you're in a creative mood right now.

I love your post with the links. It's up to you though as to your time if you want to find them and post them. I think sometimes it would take a lot more time to do that.

Thanks for sharing these. They are really great.

Emie58 said...

I love to see your journal pages when you post them the best... but I do enjoy link love when you post them too. I also LOVE when you talk about new books you've gotten and why you like them... I've bought several you've recommended and I havne't been disappointed.
Thanks, Emie

Lori Wostl said...

I do like lots of links, but not everyday. I get going down the rabbit hole and know I can't afford the time everyday...so sometimes just don't begin. I really do appreciate the great sites you 'research' and inform us about. Thanks. Lori W at Art Camp for Women

Carmen said...

Beautiful pages Kelly!

smokeysmom said...

I love posts that include videos and tutorials; posts that provide me with inspiration. I also love it when you post your journal photos; great for new ideas:)

Seth said...

I am definitely a fan of your link lists Kelly. And your book recommendations. You always seem to find things that I have never seen.

jane eileen said...

Jeane's mom said...
I like Blog Love, too! My favorite links are ones with fabric related work and stitching.
Of course I Like seeing what you did on your journal pages.

Cat/cathrynanne1952@aol.com said...

Kelly, First and foremost, I love seeing your journal pages--they are so awesome and so full of you. I've taken a couple of your on-line classes and you are such a giving and generous teacher--a GREAT teacher!! I love it when you link to other sites--some of them have become go-to sites for me now. I have even placed my 1st order with Jet Pens--AWESOME!!! To tell you the truth, I start most of my web crawling from your list of favorite blogs. You have become a fixture in my life that I can depend on because you post everyday, you've introduced me to new and wonderful sites and taught me new ways to approach art journaling. Admittedly,I haven't been doing any journaling in quite along time because I am caught in the throes of a major depressive funk. I know I'll come out of it eventually and when I do I'll have new techniques to try, largely because of you. I may not comment often or even go on-line every day but I always stay caught up with your adventures! So keep on doing what you're doing and know it is greatly appreciated!! (Sorry if I rambled on too long!!)

Antares Cryptos said...

Marylinn beat me to it.
Blog love introduced me to interesting artists and links, but it must be very time-consuming.

Your daily journal posts, book recommendations. Sufficient reasons to enjoy your blog.

Hope Tristan feels better soon.

P.S. Peter Beard for $10? You had time to show David before payment and running out of the store?;)

Desert Mermaid said...

I like Blog Love.
I LOVE your journal pages - they are what keep me coming.
SPECIAL TREATS: I TOTALLY LOVE when you give us one of your longer posts, how you feel on a subject, whatever it may be. lIFE & TRUTH ACCORDING TO KELLY. It's always juicy and real and packed with ideas and just plain good.

Desert Mermaid said...

oh! What Antares said about the Peter Beard book!!! holy ohmijealous! I would kill to get my hands on one of his journals, if he ever really published them, full out (like Daniel Eldon). I have a video of his journal-making process that I'll nevah part with!)

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Toni,

Peter Beard has published more than one collection of his journals. The latest (and one of the most affordable) was from Taschen (priced about $100 but I have seen it for much less). You can flip through it here:

Dan Eldon never published an entire journal. He does have two books (and a third being published by Chronicle Books soon) that have several of his journal pages in them (published after his death) but they are not the entire journals. They're selected pages. There is a self published book by him I know I will probably never see, let alone, get a copy of...

Who do you have a video on showing their journal process-Beard or Eldon?

I would love it if they did come out with entire journals published in book form. It kills me that all of Dan's journals are right up the street from me at LACMA and the public doesn't have access to them.


Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you all for taking the time to stop and comment. Your well thought out comments and sentiments mean a lot to me. Thank you all!!

Lol, I made a beeline for the Beard book. I'm surprised I didn't start jumping up and down and squealing!