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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still Working on this Page

I was struggling with this page. I put the background and the focal image down. Then it seemed like the focal was HUGE and I didn't know what else I wanted to add. So, I sorted through my stash and found some text to add. Glued those down. Got stuck again. It's been one of those blah days the past 24 hours (not a bad day just the kind of day when you feel like crawling in bed with a book and doing nothing else). I decided to walk away from the page a bit and go do other stuff. I came back to it a bit later and thought of my stencils from Crafters Workshop:
I grabbed a Sakura glaze pen and went to town coloring in bits of the stencil onto the page. Then I added some stickers, stabilo woody 3 in 1 pencil work, tape and am now stepping away from it again. I want to add journaling to it but have a million things going through my head at the moment and limited time. For now, it's being left as is until I can find some time later on to finish it up.

Art doesn't have to be created in long stretches of time. Five to ten minute chunks spread out and grabbed when you can get them, are just as good as any hour long studio art making spree.


Emie58 said...

Nice page... I rarely finish a page in one sitting. Part of my challenge to myself is to let go a bit, focus on the process and not the outcome. In one of your class videos you made a collage and you didn't seem to fret too much about it... that's where I want to get to.
Thanks, Emie

Marylinn Kelly said...

Thank you for the Crafters Workshop link...their stencils are so versatile...I'd seen the circle grid used somewhere and lusted for it...now I know what it is and where to find it. Bueno. xo

Arika said...

Ugh, I have times like that where the journaling is going really badly, and it's not just that it isn't "pretty." It's like I'm just not feeling it, the page isn't telling the story I want to tell, or it doesn't feel like "me." I hate those days!

Kelly Kilmer said...

I'm not fretting or worrying about it. I'm just struggling a bit with getting what I want out and onto the page. Pretty or perfect isn't important at all to me. I want real and honest pages that express what I want to say at the moment with both visuals and the written word. That's always my biggest goal.

Arika said...

Kelly, I go for the real and the raw over the pretty, too. But sometimes I have a hard time letting go and being honest, and oddly enough, it's usually when I'm happy that I have the hardest time in my journal! Take this last week...I've done pages all week where I just didn't feel sense of release, that "ahhh" feeling I normally get while I journal. And I'm happy! My DH just got home from a 7 month deployment last week.

But for me, I think that was the problem. The change in routine, having DH sitting right next to me as I journaled, worrying that he was looking over my shoulder, etc. Last night I finally did a page that felt "right." It was great! lol