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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

31 January 2011 Journal Page

Still stewing. Mum is the word until then. It is a delicate subject so the right words have to be said.

Got the news at the refrigerator is here (on premises but not in our apartment yet). Tomorrow they are removing the old one and hopefully, will be putting the new one in, too. Fingers crossed that there aren't any problems.

Some L.A. events-Grant Morrison is coming to Meltdown Comics again. I am so sad that I will have to miss this talk (I'll be on the road to teaching in Colorado). If you are in So Ca, you should go out of your way to go. Morrison is amazing and you always learn something new from him!

The Academy is starting their Summer of Silents, yes, all silent films accompanied by live music. I'm excited.

More tomorrow. The refrigerator guys are coming between 7 and 11. 7 a.m., really?


Christy said...

I respect that you are giving this careful thought. I would respect you if you didn't write anything at all about it. I see so many complicated sides to this whole potential conversation and I do not know that there is a black and white. Shades of gray all around.

Sharon W. said...

No Kelly, not seven a.m. Ten fifty-nine a.m., after you were ready and waiting at seven. THAT is the way it works here in my little world!!! Enjoy that new fridge, whenever it arrives. And don't put the milk carton on the door, even if there is a slot for it there, because in that spot the constant opening and closing of the door can lower the temp enough to sour it quickly. Don't just stand there staring at the beauty. CLOSE THAT DOOR. Ha!

Monica said...

That usually means 11.59 am and they have forgotten the........

Wishes for cool food, cold drinks and ice!

Kelly Kilmer said...

6:57 a.m. Fridge guys said they would be here in 15 minutes. 7:07 a.m. they were knocking on the door. Our old fridge is gone and we're waiting for the new one that won't be here until later (supposedly it's here, it just has to be installed).

As far as my post, I can only write from my experiences and speak my truth. After 14 years of teaching (and a lot of it, teaching every weekend) and traveling to teach, I've been around the block a bit. My post's intent would not be to hurt or harm, just to make one stop and ponder. It's just another side of the story that we are collectively writing.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Sharon, I have a 14 year old boy, we buy milk by the gallons. Lol I don't put perishables on the door. ;)

laurie said...

you have me very intrigued...

yay for getting a new fridge. cleaning mine out is on my summer to-do list along with many other dirty deeds, as i like to call them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly:
I cannot believe Tristen is 14 already. My goodness where does time go?
I hope your fridge came by now since it is 1:40pm there. Do a little happy dance.