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Monday, May 23, 2011

What I'm Reading

It always seems to go from famine to feast when it comes to books.

Money has been very tight the last few months. So, when I had a little extra, I went a little crazy and bought four books and a magazine. I can't help it when it comes to books. I've chosen books over food in the past. I'm that smitten with print. Some women buy shoes or new clothes, I wear my clothes and shoes until they fall apart and buy books instead. Used bookstores are my family's favorite hangout spot.

I subscribe to Uppercase magazine. It's one of the very few magazines that I subscribe to (Anthology is the other one). In December, I received a gift of their book subscription service (Lisa Congdon's a Collection a Day is one of the books) . Well worth it! I have all of their books and their magazines. I love their publications. If you are in the San Francisco or Los Angeles area, they are looking for help at their booth at the Renegade Fair this summer. I'm teaching the weekend of their L.A. fair or else I would be there!

Other books above:

-Girls Fashion Style London (Taylor, I couldn't resist.) I love Paumes books.

-Masters: Book Arts-this is amazing. Inspiration on every single page. A must have if you are a paper or book artist.

-Lovers by Peynet-charming, heartfelt drawings. Every page makes my heart go pitter latter.

-The Stylist's Guide to NYC-Sibella Court's new guide book to New York City. I'll have this with me in August when I visit The Ink Pad. I can't wait!

-Stampington's Where Women Cook-I love this publication. I may do a separate post on why I love it. Many, many reasons. It is my favorite Stampington publication.

-Drawn In by Julia Rothman-Julia's Book By Its Cover blog is one of my favorites. I adore her sketchbook series. This book is the second best thing to holding the real journals in your hand. Yum. Huge thank yous to my friend who gifted me with this. Much, much appreciated. It is a treasure.

Happy Monday, Folks!


KayG5010 said...

I totally agree with you. We have a saying in our house "you can never have too many books." We thrift, garage sale, half.com, amazon, you name it. I've even found books in our library dumpster. I have a sickness... Is there a 12-step group for us? LOL Now I have to check out the titles you listed, darn it......

laurie said...

i, too, love books so much!!! i would rather buy books than anything practical. i have signed up for the class and, for anyone who is thinking about it, i urge you to take it - it is so very worth the price!!! i promise you that you will not be sorry.

Sandy said...

I love when you do these post. It's so interesting to see what others are reading. I love books too even though I have the Ipad. I still buy books, esp. if they are on sale or if it's a series I want to keep. I'd love to keep all of my books but I have no more room. I've got 3 tall bookshelves in my bedroom and they are packed full so when I read a book and am done with it I pass it on, to a friend, to the library, to my Mom if she's interested. Some people can't afford to buy books so if they library isn't going to put the books into circulation or be able to sale them I'll just put them on their free table. I hope someone gets some use out of them and enjoys reading as much as I do.