The Journey of You

I'd like to announce my latest online class:

The Journey of You

A guide to self expression utilizing simple tools you probably already have on hand.

In this e-book form course, you will learn how to construct a simple, made from scratch art journal (no sewing necessary)!

As I said before, this is the class that the scrapbook, rubber stamp and mixed media companies do not want you to take!

Why? In this workshop, you will learn how to create expressive collages using magazines or old books, a glue stick and a small handful of pens.

You do not need to go buy anything for this class. I want you to use what you have on hand already.

You will learn composition, design, journaling and a whole new way of looking at simple, every day things.

I loved working in this journal. It pushed me into thinking outside of my box using non-traditional items in a new way. It made me think about not only composition and design but also color, texture, shape, line and form. I am very excited to see what my students will create using this class as their guide.

Are there photos?

Yes, there are photos of my sample pages. You will also have the opportunity to upload and share (if you wish) your own sample pages.

Is there a handout?

YES! I am a firm believer in handouts. You will receive a detailed handout that you can download, save and print out. There are step by step instructions, tons of information, photos and more. There are also (new!) collage templates for you to use if you wish!

What's the supply list?

I really want you to use stuff that you already have on hand. For the pages, you need glue (a glue stick, gel medium, whatever adhesive you usually use for paper). You will need pens (again, use what you have on hand. I limited myself to a small handful of pens for this class-literally, I used like five pens. You need a pair of scissors, an old rag or paper towel for burnishing the images, a gluing surface (like an old catalog). You will need old magazines, catalogs or books for the collage part of the class. In my samples, I used magazine, catalog and book images only. I did not use anything pre-made (so no scrapbook paper, handmade paper, etc...). I did NOT use stickers, transparencies, washi tape, etc... I used simple, every day things from around the house to create my pages which is what I will be teaching you to use and how to see these things with a new eye.

I work full time, can I take this class at any time?

Yes! This is a work at your own pace class. You can sign up at any point. You will have full access to the class. I am always available to answer and respond to questions.

When does the class start?

The class is live now! Within 24 hours of you signing up, you will receive full information from me including the pdf file for the class and the link to sharing photos, discussions, etc...

How much does it cost?

$25 which you can pay via paypal (or if you prefer to send me a money order, you can email me for more information)

Please note there are no refunds once you receive the course materials.

Please also respect the amount of time, effort and work it took me to create this material. You can download, save and print out (or read it on your ipad, kindle, etc...) for personal use. I'm a one woman (very small) business and I work very hard at what I do. I strive to offer the best material possible. I'm always excited about what I teach and I hope that you get the most out of my classes. This helps to support my work and makes me able to offer more classes and come up new ideas!

If you teach children, feel free to work on the exercises with them! I don't mind people who teach kids using these ideas in classes! Get 'em started and hooked on art young is my motto!

Can I give the class as a gift?

Sure! If you email me or include a note with your payment, I will email the file to whomever you'd like.

Who is this class geared towards?

Everyone! I strive to make my classes accessible for beginners to advanced students. I have been working in and teaching this medium for over 14 years now and I learn something new with every workshop.

I have a busy summer ahead of me, should I take this workshop now?

When I came up with the idea for this class, I was teaching and traveling. I used the limited supplies and the tools I had with me to create the book and to start work on the pages. The size, weight and portability, along with the limited amount of supplies you need make this the perfect journal for life on the go or close to home. It's small enough that you can put it in your purse with a glue stick and a pen. I love sticking my collage ephemera, a couple of pens and a glue stick in a baggie with the journal. I'm all about portability and ease!

This class does not close so you can take the workshop ANY time and work at your own pace! Once you've signed up for The Journey of You, you are in the workshop!

How do I sign up?

Click the paypal button below or email me at more more info!


Sandy said…
Yay! Love your classes. excited! This sounds great. I will be signing up before the 23rd. Thanks Kelly!
KayG5010 said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this totally affordable in all ways! I can't chuck out $50 or more dollars some people ask at a time and I have one daughter that is going to love working with me on this and I'm hoping to pique the other one's interest.
Emie58 said…
I'm out of state right now visiting my mom for mother's day so I'll be signing up when I get home!! Yay!!!... I can't wait!
Arika said…
Oh, I am sooo IN! (Well, on payday I'm in. You know how it goes. And if you don't count yourself lucky! lol)

Sounds fantastic, and I love the "use what you have" focus. Although you're going to have to pry the Washi tape from my cold, dead fingers. I honestly don't think I've done a single page without at least a smidge of tape in MONTHS.
Desert Mermaid said…
I'm in. (Is it May 23rd yet?)

Kelly Kilmer said…
Thanks everyone for the kind words!

Kay, I try very hard to make my classes affordable and accessible to everyone. I live paycheck to paycheck and I know how hard times can be. I also try to give you guys a great value for your buck. :) I want you to love the workshop as much as I do!

Arika, LOL!!! You can use washi tape if you want. I don't use anything pre-made in the class but it is all about using what you have on hand so that choice is totally yours. :)

I purposely limited my supplies in this class so you don't need anything fancy, hard to find or expensive! You need books, magazines, a glue stick and some pens (I used like 4 or 5 pens). Those are the bare bones basic tools. ;)

Toni, LOL!! May 23rd will be here before we know it! :) I'm working hard to get the material out and available before that date. :)
Seth said…
Looks amazing Kelly. I love the idea of using materials on hand!
Marcia Beckett said…
Cool idea! I'd like to join. Can you tell me how long you expect the class to run, or how many lessons are involved?
Kelly Kilmer said…
Hi Marcia,

My classes are entirely work at your own pace. I don't teach in lesson plans or chapters. Instead, I prefer to give my students a long, detailed handout that they can go through and pick and choose how and when you work on what. :)

I also give ideas and techniques that can be applied to multiple art forms/projects not just this one class.

If this doesn't help, please email me. I'm always around to answer questions.

Best and thanks,
Antares Cryptos said…
This is a great idea, Kelly. People frequently think they need a lot of supplies to create, when they don't.
Viki said…
I signed up! I've really missed journaling and this class sounds taylored for me! In fact you so inspired me from the description that I took a fold out ad that came in the mail and collaged each page last night...a ready made book of 12 pages, it is the first collage I've done in MONTHS!
Kelly Kilmer said…
Antares, exactly.

Viki, yay for sudden inspiration!! Isn't it amazing?!? I just sat down today to make a new journal and I can't wait to work in it! Thanks for signing up!!
Evelin said…
Hi Kelly,

Just wanted to ask if a person with no ephemeras (erm, me..) can join this class.. I have zero ephemeras... thanks!
Kelly Kilmer said…
Hi Evelin,

As it says in the description, you need books or magazines, glue sticks and a couple of favorite pens. :) That's it. It is not a class where you need anything but that stuff. I teach you how to make cool pages from magazine and book pages.

Evelin said…
Thanks Kelly... I'm gonna search for some magazines now :) Will sign up before the 23rd for sure! :P

Monica said…
Looking for a class where no one says you have to journal every day, do not need to buy the most expensive latest gizmo's and supplies. just want a new way to make my travel journals and not break the bank.

Now where is that credit card?
Lucy said…
Hey Kelly, I just joined too! I can't wait to get started. I'm just wondering if you'll be putting up some video clips as well? I'm so excited about this! Thanks:)
Kelly Kilmer said…
No, there won't be any video clips. I made the class sans video to keep the price low.


Serenata said…
Hi Kelly, I found your blog via another blogger, and thought this would be a fun challenge for me as I've never done anything like this before.

I bought the Journey of You class and I love it. This class is perfect not only because of the price but because I can use what little materials I have without having to hunt all over Ukraine for art supplies. Thanks for all of the ideas you have laid out in this class. I really appreciate it and hope to take another class with you in the future.
Brenda said…
I just signed up for you class as a present to myself! now what do I do???? so excited to explore and create, I will share this with my art students around my Mother nature classes if you don't mind. for them thier nature journals. so excited!!!

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