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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday! Happy Weekend! Happy Mother's Day!

Where you are, whatever you may be doing, may your day be filled with love, peace and all things good! If you're lucky, you'll find some art time in there, too.

My boys are very good to me. They spoiled me rotten with iced tea and french toast (both made by Tristan), pussywillows (one of my favorite plants along with lilies of the valley, which I've never seen outside of Massachusetts) and lots of love. Thank you both.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom! Xoxoxo!


Evelin said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kelly! Have a great day! :)


Arika said...

Glad you had a good Mother's Day. I did, too...my son made me 3 cards and wrote me a poem. :)

Question for ya...I normally use a combo of Modge Podge and glue sticks in my journals. I'm running low on my MP and planned on picking up more this week. But I have a 40% off coupon for Michael's and wondered if I should try gel medium to see if it's all that? The practical side of me sees no reason to spend so much when that same coupon would bring my MP down to about $2, and it's been serving me just fine. The curious part of me wonders what all the fuss is about with gel medium.

One of my friend rails against my use of Mod Podge since the original is not acid-free, but I figure since I'm working with ephemera, mag clippings, tissue paper and such, does it even matter? Half of what I use isn't "archival" and frankly I like the freedom! lol I figure you've been around the adhesive block a few times, so maybe you'll have some opinions?

Any input, from you or any of your readers, would be much appreciated. I so often wish there was some sort of art journal message board where I could chat about this kind of stuff!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thanks Eve and Arika!

Arika, how sweet!!! :) My boy made breakfast and dinner. He drew me one of his new favorite cartoon characters, Gumball.

There are adhesives I avoid like the plague:

Yes paste-not archival, turns work brown and work falls apart. Did I mention that I can't even get the lid off? I say, "No to Yes."

Mod podge is the other adhesive I dislike intensely. Work turns yellow and the surface is often left sticky. The smell bothers me as well.

Gel medium will not yellow nor will your work fall apart. I buy mine from nova color in L.A. (they ship) and it is sooo much cheaper and just as awesome as any well known name brand.

Nothing is archival. The minute your hands touch anything you are contaminating it.

However, gel medium encases your materials in what is almost like dried plastic making them last longer. Once it's dry, it's not going anywhere.

If you are a newbie to gel medium, I would recommend reading my post on the right hand side of this blog on acrylics and acrylic mediums.

You can always email me here or formspring if you have questions.

There are tons of yahoogroups for art journaling and mixed media. I don't mind answering questions and telling you what has (and hasn't) worked for me in the many years I've been doing and teaching this! ;)

I hope that this helps.

Arika said...

Read the acrylics/mediums post. After reading it, I'm going to try the gel medium for sure. Thanks!

My son, Sean, said he was taking me out to dinner. What that meant was that he asked me for $20, and then asked me to go through the drive-thru at Carl Jr.'s. lol So I was "treated" to a swiss mushroom burger and fries, fast food style. Oh well. My husband is deployed so the kiddo's all I've got. My entire family is on the East Coast!

sharon said...

Happy Mom's Day Kelly, lloks like your were treated sweetly! Love your flowers and the sound of breakfast....it's the simple things, they really are the best!
Have a great week!

Mary Dean said...

Come to VA! We have pussywillows and lilies of the valley. These are two of my favorites, as well!

Cathy Graves said...

Arika, not that you need another opinion, but Kelly's experience with Mod Podge is exactly the same as mine--turns yellow, stays sticky and SMELLS!! I use glue sticks or gel mediums to glue stuff down. Thanks, Kelly for letting us know where to get reasonably priced gel medium!! Happy you guys had a good Mother's Day. I am the mother of a honey-colored coonhound so no breakfast, cards or poems for me but I sure got a big, wet, sloppy kiss from her!!

Have a great day,