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Saturday, May 28, 2011

17 January 2011 Journal Page

I know I'm supposed to be on a mini blogging vacation, but I wanted to take a minute to give a quick shout out to Laure Ferlita over at Painted Thoughts Blog. Long story short, I had some major problems last night and jumped the gun (fiery tempered redhead hanging her head here). I wanted to apologize to Laure and point y'all in her direction. She's helped me out BIG time today and I really appreciate her problem solving assistance in the past 24 hours. Thanks again, Laure.

Tristan and I went to see Thor today. It was fun! We saw it at the AMC Theater in Burbank. Sad thing is, the print was messed up. Lines kept running through the center of the screen. It was making me crazy. We sat through it (I kept thinking, I'm not leaving. I don't want to miss anything) but complained to the management at the end. We weren't the only ones nicely complaining and they were really cool about giving us free passes for a future screening of whatever we want to see. Yay! FYI, always sit through the credits of a Marvel film. ALWAYS. That's all I'll say. "Avengers Assemble!" (I can't wait!!!) Next on the big box office to see list is Green Lantern (Tristan keeps asking about it). Hubby and I want to see The Tree of Life. I also want to see Midnight in Paris.

I took Tristan to the Lego store in Glendale. We ended up spending almost four hours there (I am NOT a mall person) and he walked out with new Lego and I walked out (not at the lego store) with a few new dresses (sale-yes!). I haven't bought new clothes in well over a year or two so this was a rare treat! Now we're off to veg for the rest of the night, watch films and just relax. Grateful for a nice Saturday with my boy!


Angie in AZ said...

But looking at Thor sure wasn't hard on the eyes, huh? :O

Laure Ferlita said...

Glad to help, Kelly!

I'm looking forward to seeing Thor too. Maybe today.

Phoenix Peacock said...

love the layers in this journal page!

I can't wait to see Thor. I'm glad you enjoyed it - lines and all. And even better got a freebie for something wonderful to come!`

Anonymous said...

glad you had nice family time.patq

Susan Stokinger said...

I signed up to follow Laure Ferlita. I am glad for both of you that it worked out. New dresses and legos -- sounds like Mom and Son went home happy:)