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Saturday, May 21, 2011

11 January 2011 Journal Page

I tried to blog last night but it got stuck in my outbox on my phone.

A few reminders, I'm teaching this weekend. There's space in both classes still! More info here

The Journey of You is active and live! I'm still taking sign ups. Remember, I do not close my classes. You can access the information at any time.

Huge thank yous to all of you who took the time to respond to my journal prompt yesterday. I really enjoyed reading the responses. It got me thinking (well, a lot of things have me thinking at the moment and not all of them are positive and one of them is just ridiculously dumb and infuriating) about another prompt:

How do you let go of things that you have no control over? What do you do about things that piss you off and have you upset? How do you get it off of your mind? How do you let go?

Happy Weekend!!!! :)


Robin said...

Thanks so much for putting the Journey of You class together! You did a terrific job with it.

I blogged about it - http://somenotesfromafar.blogspot.com/2011/05/lesson-loosen-up.html

(Keep your expectations low. LOL!)

Sarah said...

Hmmm-moaning-not the best response. Journalling-get the bad stuff out and then cross it out and cover it up with something better.

donna!ee said...

embrace positive diversions. time is so precious so why waste any of it bogged down on crazy stuff that is what it is. i hate when i sense that i've just wasted minutes that i can't get back. i can only choose for myself so i choose to decide how to spend my time by thinking & doing what i enjoy, regardles of craziness around me! which, quite honestly, includes looking at your blog and then picking up on your contagious creativity and then a spark lites within and i'm off, enjoying myself! OR i get busy organizing and experimenting, it's all good stuff...thank you much for sharing!

Monica said...

Fume for a few hours and slowly cool off. it is a real effort to avoid obsessing but due to several surgeries over the past few years my memory is extremely cooperative and fuzzes it out. Add to that i don't have the sort of personality that wants to hang on. If it is a persister I do house work or other routine tasks. it is rather like having a mosquito bites it dissipates slowly iritating all the way..

Lori Wostl said...

When I'm really hooked and totally gone - I have a little mantra "I could've been born in Afghanistan, I could've been born in Afghanistan" it usually puts things back in perspective ... and then I get my tribe leader to assassinate the offender...You know I'm never serious right?

Zoe Nelson said...

My mantra is "It's always worse in your head than it is in real life." It gets my brain out of that hamster wheel of worry or fury.

Viki said...

Something I read once That Hopi Indian Grandfather David once said puts things in perspective for me: "Worry is like praying for your worst fears to happen." Buddha said: " We are what we think. With our thoughts we make the world."

So. Don't dwell on what upsets you, if you have no control over something, YOU have no control...let it go, take a deep breath. Rant if you must to get past it, but remember what Grandfather David said and Buddha...do you really want to propogate more of the same by dwelling on it?
I'm not saying be mindlessly bright and happy, but mindfully find things to be happy about. Look for the positive and you help remake the world into a better place.

Desert Mermaid said...

RE: The Journey of You

As of yesterday, here's what I have left in my studio (ALL that I have left in my studio): pens, paper (including current written journal), magazines, glue sticks. I did a final purge yesterday and everything else went: paints, stickers, ephemera, sewing machine, rubber stamps, ink pads, re-inkers, fabric/lace/ribbon. I am finally claiming who I am as a creative entity (I journal) and letting the rest go down the fantasy path, away.

The Journey of You: 2 days ago, I wrote: Kelly is essentially giving people The Way to create that allows liberation from spending but which still offers the effect, the result, the satisfaction, and most importantly (in my heart/head) the ability to effect expression and creativity. It's sustainable art journaling. It reduces the consumer footprint; it unlocks that commercial aspect; it breaks every myth that you have to have STUFF (all kinds, manufactured, trendy, purchased) to effect beautiful, personal creativity. This class is an invitation to and a lesson in how to minimize dependence on anything, everything, but my own imagination and that which is simple, reusable, close at hand. It's so liberating! Simplicity filled, with the challenge to invent, re-think, re-purpose, alter MY vision. Thank you, Kelly -- call this my testimonial.

Kelly Kilmer said...

Thank you for getting it. It's all about self expression and not the accumulation of stuff.

snarkys said...

I have a habit of swallowing my anger.
Lately i have found writing really helps me vent and process even if no art actually touches the page...

I also love "journey of you"

Cathy said...

Sometimes, even in the face of great advice, you just can't let something go without doing or saying something about it. (this usually happens to me at work) I compose an e-mail to that person, getting everything off my mind and then ask my friend Lynne to look it over. She usually manages to convince me to delete the e-mail without sending it. I feel better for getting things off my chest and manage to stay out of trouble at the same time!! Guess this is pretty much what Sarah said but if you are somewhere you can't journal this works for a more immediate release.