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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WIP Journal Page

I was thinking today how many of my students complain about their handwriting when it comes to art journaling. Instead of writing, they prefer to cut and paste words from magazines, books, print outs, etc... It's one thing that has always puzzled me (that and the need for perfect, beautiful pages). The perfection shown in various books and magazines doesn't help the situation either.

Your handwriting is completely unique to you. You can't get any more personal than writing with your own hand across a page that you created.

I attended eight years of Catholic school. I was told constantly that I had horrible penmanship. Did that stop me from anything? No. Did it discourage me from wanting to write in my journals? No. It did encourage me to play around with my handwriting. I constantly ask myself, "What if I hold the pen like this?" or "What if I try writing like that?" I play with my pens and push myself. I don't always love my handwriting, but that's okay. It's a part of me.

Some ideas for art journaling:

-Layer! Layer your handwriting. Who says you have to actually be able to read something?

-Write big, loopy, cursive letters.

-Try different pens. Try them on the same page.

-Don't like your handwriting on one page? Use a different color pen (or marker) and change the style of your text as you write on top of what's already there.

-Write small vs writing big.

-Look at graffiti artists and how they play with text.

-Most important, don't beat yourself up over it. Play, experiment and push yourself. Don't compare, but learn what works for you and how you like to do things. If I can do it, so can you.

Celebrate Yuri's Night tonight!


donna!ee said...

thank you, thank you, thank you MUCH!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Helpful post, Kelly. Amazing how demoralizing educators can be toward children.

I find that calligraphy markers are helpful for experimenting with different types of script. I'm talking, cheapie under $5 markers (in a range of colors and tip sizes/shapes).

laurie said...

i love seeing journal pages with drawings and handwriting on them - so much more personal than cut and paste. it is hard sometimes to put yourself out there with your own writing - especially when you misspell words (happens to me too often!)

Caatje said...

These days it's become uncommon to be writing with your hand at all instead of with a computerkeyboard or phone. I have had people come up to me many times when I write in public getting all smitten with the fact that I am writing something by hand and claiming my handwriting is so beautiful (really, it's nothing special, they're just not used to it anymore).
I've been to none art related classes where people claim they have not written by hand for years.
I can't imagine such a thing!
I agree that writing by hand is the most personal way to go. You can't do it wrong.
Thanks for this post.

Pamela said...

On the left side of your "Pondering" page...what is that going vertical? A stencil, paper cut out, a sticker? Just curious.

Also, I agree with Caatje's comments about handwriting. People aren't use to it anymore. I started handmaking postcards the past couple of months and have made a point to mail them to my friends with a handwritten message. I really miss snail mail!


Andria said...

I'm one of those people not entirely comfortable with her handwriting, but I found that I kind of like the look of my cursive when I connect all the letters together--which I would never do when writing in "normal" circumstances--much more loopy and fun. When I did my postcards for iHanna's swap, I bit the bullet and used my own handwriting instead of stamps, and ultimately I'm glad that I did.

Sandy said...

I love your handwriting. I always enjoy writing in my journals as you know. I guess it's because I was encouraged by my Mom to write as long as I can remember.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Plus hand writing can access inner awareness that would not come with stamping or computer-printed texts. And while it might be less legible, writing with the non-dominant hand can provide even greater awareness. It would, I suppose, depend on your intention for your journal.