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Friday, April 29, 2011

Some of my Many Journals

I really need to find a better storage system for my journals. Piling them up in a corner of my boy's room just doesn't cut it anymore.

Tristan is well again! Thanks for asking!!

How do you store your journals?


Antares Cryptos said...

Glad to hear he's feeling better. Saw the previous comments, didn't realize I needed more glue sticks.

I store mine in drawers and containers, but don't have as many as you:)

Kelly Kilmer said...

He had a 24 hour bug. He's fine now. :)

Eek! Reminds me I need more glue sticks, too.

I would love to see others do blog posts of how they store their journals. :)

PaperPumpkin said...

I don't have as many as you do (yet!) but mine are lined up on a big bookshelf in my work/play/create room! It makes me very happy to see them...

Mouseybrat said...

well since i only have 5 i just store them on my regular bookshelf. maybe you could use those containers that can slide under the bed.

i have often wondered what you do with all your completed journals. do you read them again? do you use them for classes?

Judy Shea said...

Holy guacamole, Kelly.. That's some serious book storage.. You know, I love all the colors smooshed together.. kinda beautiful. Could be a cool background.. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Vintage suitcases (or wicker hampers) are lovely hiding places for journals. I particularly like old suitcases, as they often have pockets to hold loose pages. Stacked, they make great side tables if your "decor" is not too elegant, and they can also be assembled with a plank or slab of something to make a table against a wall, providing a top for display and even more space underneath. If they must remain in Tristain's room, then a couple of small steamer trunks would hold them nicely. In that case new footlockers--in black or bright colors--would serve nicely. They form an impressive and lovely visual collection, so at least a few really should be out in the open, and of course if you need to use them often the closed trunks or suitcases can be a bother.

Kelly Kilmer said...

The reasons that they are stored in Tristan's room are because of space limitations as well as the need to keep them away from the dust and sunlight (in the front room. The area of Tristan's room where they are kept is away from the windows). I have two shelves worth of space in his room.

We live in a one bedroom apartment and do not have a lot of room. I like to keep my journals out and accessible. Most of the time the newer journals don't live with me as they are sent to various locations for class samples before they are returned to me.

I really need to clean up how the ones on the right of the photo are stored. I've been tossing them there for a few months now. My journals are well loved, as you can see.

I'm not looking for storage ideas for me (thank you, though) but am curious what others do with theirs. :) I don't want my books under the bed (nor do we have room for them there. Also no space for a steamer trunk and what I have would fill 2 of them.) as I need to be able to access them quickly.

Thanks, everyone! Please keep them coming. I was hoping to inspire others with blog posts of their own. ;)

Kelly Kilmer said...

One of my dream studios is Gail Rieke's way of storing her journals:
I love how she stores her journals. They are like treasures.

Arika said...

I don't have a bunch of journals, partly b/c I like to work in big fat ones and it takes me a long time to fill one up. But I store the vast majority of my books, journals and non-journals, on bookshelves in the garage. I just don't have any way of keeping them in the house, unfortunately. I have three full sized (about 6 ft.) tall bookshelves in the garage, chock full of books! I do have a small built-in bookshelf in my bedroom closet, but I use that for my favorite, most-reached for books.

Jessica Loughrey said...

wow, that's an amazing number of delicious looking journals. i store mini ones together in a cigar box, blank ones have their own plastic storage bin, full ones are in a large plastic storage bin if they have stuff spilling off of the page edges or standing up on a shelf if the pages are neatly contained.

Sandy said...

I love this photo. It's just so pretty and colorful.