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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I was sorting through my sticker collection today. The whole time I sat and sorted, I was thinking that there really isn't much difference between my current self at age 36 and my self at age 10 (other than the obvious). I always like to have something with me that keeps me occupied.

It started when I was a kid. When I was younger, it was usually a stuffed animal or doll (stuffed animals were my favorite), small paper pads (usually Hello Kitty style) and crayons or pencils. As I got older it was a book, notebook and pens. The last 20 years it's progressed to a journal and all the crap, I mean stuff, that comes with an art journal: pens, glue, paper ephemera, etc... stickers. I'm never without something that puts a smile on my face and a jump in my heart.

Funny as I repack my journal bag for this weekend and glance over at my house keys with a small stuffed animal seal hanging from it how little things can change with some people.

I'm leaving in the morning for Frenzy Stamper in Scottsdale. There is still room in all of the classes. Give Debbie a holler if you're interested. I'll be checking in here and blogging daily!

One last quick bit of housekeeping, huge, heartfelt thanks to all of you who leave comments. I try to respond individually if your email is there. I just want you to know that when you stop and take the time to comment here, they really are appreciated. Thank you.


~Barb~ said...

Kelly, even though I don't comment every post, I do read every single one (unless I'm out of pocket.) I just wanted you to know.

And I have always been like you, have to have something with me to do...and we share the similarities of what it was/is that we keep with us. :) Great minds do think alike.

Have a great time with your classes! Wish I could come.

Peace & Love,

Artzy Diva said...

I'm with you on there really not being much difference between the me of now and the me of long ago. Still love my old stuffed animals and sorting through my piles of stuff! Wish I could hop a plan and join you in AZ!!! Not only would it be a blast I could seriously use some decent, Non-New England weather!!!!
Hope you have a wicked pissa time!!!!

Evelin said...

Kelly, I have been 'stalking' your blog since a couple of months back too... I don't comment as well but I do love your postings! :)

Keep up the good work in inspiring us! :)


Sharon said...

I, like Barb, don't comment everyday, but I read your blog everyday. I know it will be there when I get up and I get up early! Wish I could be in AZ this weekend! Have fun!

Laura said...

I LOVE stickers !!!! oh what i would do for those Ganesh ones !!! im exactly the same i havent changed much since i was younger. Enjoy the journal class wish i was there xxxx

Anonymous said...

You are in my favorites list. I read your blog everyday usually when my mood turns to yuck here at work and I need some eye candy and inspiration!
Thanks for all that you share with us.
Travel safe!

Rebecca said...

I read all the time but have maybe never commented before, my bad.

I swear that being an only child meant that I always took something with me in case I got bored.

Constance said...

I don't comment much, but I love your blog. I "copy" what you're doing sometimes and come up with something entirely different. But, that's okay too, 'cause I'm having so much fun! Have fun! I'll stay tuned!

Marylinn Kelly said...

Sorting through stuff...really just reshuffling, how much fun I have doing that. And lately, since Valentine's Day and the rediscovery of Mrs. Grossman, I have become sticker-mad all over again. Enjoyed seeing some of your collection, as I have with your pens and Japanese masking tape.

WV - closses, the posh was to say classes. Hope yours are great.

EmK. said...

Hello! I just thought I'd drop you a line andlet you knowyouhaveanwe reader! Hugs, EmK.

EmK. said...

Hello! I just thought I'drop you a line and let you know you have new reader!
Hugs, EmK.

Jami said...

I totally agree with what you said! I LOVED the Hello Kitty paper pads and markers and stickers and Fiddlestick markers hooked onto my assignment notebook in rainbow order..... Recently I found my sticker collection and how I categorized them all in a binder by types (animal, puffy, googly eye, sparkly, etc.). I still do the same things and I still feel happy from it all! I am still hoping (one day) you will come out to Chicago to teach a class. We don't have any mom and pop stores out here. What about the Paper Source? One just opened in my town. You could stay at my house!

Kelly Kilmer said...

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you!!! :)

Antares Cryptos said...

Paper and pens have always remained in my life. I still buy the same brands of art supplies I did then.

Nothing wrong with being a grown up kid.:)

In museum and gallery gift stores I am still attracted to the same "stuff" I thought was cool as a child. Don't need to buy them, they still make me smile.