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Monday, April 18, 2011

Inspiration Files

Last year my friend, Darcy made me a luscious, layered folder from paper and tape. I knew right away what I would do with it!

I use my folder as an inspiration file. I gather and clip articles, photos, images and things that interest me. It's a quick and easy way for me not only to store favorite bits and articles, but also something light that I can bring with me on the go when I want reading material.

I don't have any wall space in my living room (a.k.a. art area), so, I'm limited with what I can hang up. However, my kitchen is my pinboard. I hang artwork from friends and artists I love. There's art everywhere including inside (and outside) of the kitchen cabinets. Everywhere you look in the kitchen there's something special to me that makes me smile.

Tomorrow night at 7 p.m. PST, I'm going to post some books that I have for sale. They're all collage books (so far). Books in, books out. Still sticking to it.

Do you have an inspiration file of some sort?


Catherine Witherell said...

That's a happy kitchen I'll bet!

Thanks for your comment Kelly. You made me smile. xo

Sandy said...

I have a board on the wall and I switch it out when I get tired of looking at it. I don't really have a file to take with me and I have a file in my head. That does sound strange doesn't it. I collect images as we travel that I remember that made me smile or reminded me of something. Great idea.

scj said...

Sounds like a great idea for the kitchen! I'd love to see some pics of it too, if you're able. I have postcards of places I love on my kitchen walls and funnily enough just this morning I took them down feeling the need for something new!

Laura said...

This folder is fab, your kitchen sounds lovely :) I have a huge notice board in our kitchen which we pin all our favourite photos too, nights out with friends etc, which i love. But inspiration is all over my hous, favourite artists painting, loads of photos and lots of things everywhere from all the countries we have travelled too

Desert Mermaid said...

I have a visualization wall (an entire wall) in my studio ... pin stuff up and spend lots of time before it, contemplating, moving things around. As things come down, they go into a folder, and when I have enough things in the folder, I sew them all together into a visualization journal.