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Sunday, April 24, 2011

A Farmers' Market Bounty

Just so you know, this blog isn't going to turn into a food blog at least not any time soon. I thought I would share one of our favorite activities.

Whenever I am not teaching, Tristan and I will trek to the local farmers' market in Larchmont Village. I love the variety there and the ease of finding a parking space! We usually go before they close for the best deals. It really helps when you're on a budget and money is really tight.

I bring my own produce and canvas bags to load up with fresh produce. Today, we walked away with two full canvas bags with:

-a dozen red roses ($5!!!!)
-4 onions ($2)
-3 tomatoes ($2)
-1 tray of strawberries ($6)
-6 loaves of bread ($5)
-8 or so oranges ($3)
-a bundle of grapes ($1)
-2 bushels of spinach ($2)

I ended up going $6 over my budget (with the bread. I was being lazy and decided I would shell out the $5 and not bake it myself since I am baking a cake today.)

The grand total? $26

I figured it out that it's a huge savings over the prices in a super market not to mention that I am buying fresh, local produce. This food will last us a week (or more)!

My favorite thing to do with our bounty is to make a spinach salad with tomatoes, onions, corn, cherries (no luck on those yet, but soon) and add sliced strawberries to the salad. Yum! Add some flax seeds and almonds and it's perfect!

I like simple food. Makes me happy. Keeps us healthy.

Do you have any favorite produce that you like to look for at the local market? I'm always looking for new suggestions on different things to try. I'm on the lookout for green almonds now after hearing about them on kcrw's Good Food show.



sharon said...

Looks like you got a great haul, and very inspiring!
Just found your blog by chance, and so glad I did...it is gorgeous, inspiring, colorful! Hoping to sign up for one of your online classes soon. I love what I am seeing here!
I am a jewelry artist/mixed media(when there is time) artist!

Sharon W. said...

Zucchini! I know it is the butt of too many garden jokes, but I love it. I like to slice it thin, coat it with a wee bit of olive oil and some Italian seasoning, plus a wee bit of parmesan cheese and bake it in a single layer at about 350 until crisp (about 30 minutes). Grated and done with a bit of oil, garlic, s/p in a saute pan it becomes a lovely topping for pasta, especially with parm cheese, again. I love it in bread, cake, cookies, muffins.... I'm hooked and keep it grated and sliced in the freezer.(Slicing thin and freezing briefly on cookie sheet allows me to store it loose in a bag and use only a bit.) Whew! didn't mean to be so long winded.

martha brown said...

Buying produce at our farmers markets always costs MORE than the local grocery stores. It is so annoying.....

Emie58 said...

LOVE, Love , Love farmers markets!!! I really like grilling veges this time of year so I can't wait for our local market to open. Here in Western NY they open every year the Sat. before Mother's Day.

Judy Shea said...

This summer, I'm going start shopping at Farmer's Markets. Great buys, Kelly. I bet it's so delish too being so fresh.

Susan Stokinger said...

I love Zucchini and Summer Squash. I cut the zucchini in half length wise and scoop them out. I steam the inside and mix with fresh bread crumbs, some herbs and egg and for me sauteed ground turkey, onions, garlic and mushroom and stuff back in the shell and bake. I have it with a spinach salad. OMG so good. Fresh bread is a must and strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches.....and new potatoes.

julie r. said...

How about a Farmers' Market journal page?

Lynn said...

We get spinach, chard, and the most wonderful carrots at our farmer's market. They grow purple, white, yellow and orange carrots and they are so sweet! Unlike most of the country, here in Phoenix, not a lot grows in the summer. Our markets generally cloes from July to October, but we get fresh grown veggies all winter. In about a month we'll have melons, tomatoes, corn and squashes in abundance.

We're learning to enjoy what is in season locally.