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Saturday, March 12, 2011

A new page started tonight

Let's try this again and make sure that the photo doesn't post sideways (grrr)! Please note that the above page isn't finished and has barely even been started! This is a teaser. I'll show the finished page soon!

It's been somewhat of a lazy day. I woke up very late (after staying up very, very late finishing up a book). Did some work. I set up a blog post on the new books coming out in early 2011 that I am super excited about (some of you probably got the early version in your google reader. The revised post with more commentary is set to air at 4 a.m. Sunday). I baked scones (chocolate chip for Tristan and I, cinnamon for David). I have no knead bread (that I prepped last night) ready for a late dinner (tomato soup and fresh bread). I cleaned up a bit. I puttered. I tore up magazines and books for collage (a pile for me, a pile for my students). I read blogs, facebook, twitter, bbc news, Al-jazeera English, and magazines. I watched Al-jazeera and bbc news for info on Wisconsin, Japan and Libya. I'll listen to Henry Rollins' show on kcrw. I'm listening to npr news now. I usually listen to pacifica/kpfk news during the week, but their weekend news programming is virtually nonexistent. I haven't showered yet (am still in pjs), but will do so soon and then put on clean pjs. I complained about daylight savings time (I like when it gets dark early. I am a total Autumn kinda gal.) We'll go for a walk. Later, we'll watch a film, maybe Saturday Night Live (love Bill Hader and the news with Seth Myers, the rest is usually eh). But, for right now, I'm collageing and working in my journal, thinking, pondering and processing.


UteV said...

Hi Kelly,
I'm wondering where you find some of your awesome images like the one for today's page. ;-)

Been working on my journal and writing in it. I'm actually getting a little obsessed. LOL

Kelly Kilmer said...

I found it in a free magazine in No CA!
I am always looking for images. The more you keep your eyes open and look, the easier it will get!

Yay to art journaling!! :)

Lori Wostl said...

Obsessed - moi? Toi??? Okay here is what this brings up for me. How do you operate so that you don't disturb the others in your domicile while you go about life? I think you can really speak to this as your space is small and the co-residents are BIG. Oh should this be a question for your new thing ASk me anything? Maybe I'll check that out later.