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Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Books To Keep An Eye Out For

Here's a list of some of the new books coming out in early 2011. I've listed the ones that I more than likely will be buying and am very, very excited about.

Creative Walls How to Display and Enjoy Your Treasured Collection: (The cover on this one is intriguing. I definitely want to see it before I buy it. It looks cool...)

Masters: Book Arts (I know I will definitely be buying this one! Masters: Collage is one of my favorites.)
Decorate: 1,000 Ideas for Every Room in Your Home (I read Holly's Decor8 blog so this one is intriguing. I don't know, for sure, if I will buy it, but I definitely want to see it! Holly's more personal blog, Haus Maus, is one of my favorites.)
Shaun Tan's The Bird King and other sketches (I own all of Tan's books which means I will want this one!)
Painted Pages by Sarah Ahearn Bellemare (I absolutely adore Sarah's work. I am eager to see what is on the inside pages. I know it's a how to, but depending upon how much artwork is on the inside pages is the key factor on whether or not I'll buy it. I know I sound like a broken record, but I am much more interested in artwork, thought processes, meaning, personal symbols, the whys and studio space than sole focus on how to.).
Dan Eldon: Safari as a Way of Life by Jennifer New (I own both previous Dan Eldon books, quickly scooped up when they were first published. I also own Jennifer's previous book on journals. This is high on my must buy list IF it contains previously unpublished pages. If it is a rehash of the previous books, I will not buy it. Dan left behind so many journals that I'm almost positive that this will be a new book with new material. I hope. More here.)
Drawn In: A Peek into the Inspiring Sketchbooks of 45 Fine Artists, Illustrators, Graphic Designers and Cartoonists by Julia Rothman (I've devoured every single post of Julia Rothman's Book By Its Cover Blog. I am beyond eager to get my hands on a copy of this book. I'll be stalking it, I mean looking for it the closer it gets to publication date.)
I haven't posted every book coming out, these are the books that excite me. I'd love to hear from my readers. What books are YOU excited about that are coming out early this year (please don't list previously published books as I want to hear about NEW books)? Thanks!


Paula said...

Just saw the "Creative Walls" one at Anthropologie last night...one very cool book, but a bit pricey. It's on my want list for when the budget prevails!

Antares Cryptos said...

Dan Eldon's is on my list. Rumors have it that it contains previously unpublished work.

Athough not art related, James Gleick just came out with a new book. He's very good.

Lori Wostl said...

I see at least 3 that will end up living with me...sigh

Dawn D. Sokol said...

I'm excited about my new book, Doodle Sketchbook: Art Journaling for Boys! :)

patq said...

You had to go and post more new books that I in turn had to put on my wish list at Amazon. I just received 4 books from them yesterday that started on my wish list due to your listing them.
You are a trouble maker, but I love your postings.:) I do not have the rule that as they come in, some go out. I should follow your lead. :)
Kelly, Thanks again for the heads up. Keep creating and blogging.

iHanna said...

You always list the exact books I'd looove to own! :-) Not on your list yet maybe;

Not out yet but looks interesting, Raw art journaling:

Mixed media flavour

Kelly Kilmer said...

Marybeth Shaw's new book looks excellent!! I love the art in it and the directions look top notch (from what I've skimmed through). I'm not buying it as I don't need it. I taught many of those techniques in my mixed media acrylic classes for years. I have been extremely picky lately with the books that I am buying. However, I would most definitely recommend it to any artist interested interested in expanding their knowledge of working with acrylics and mixed media!

kass said...

Two of those are on my Amazon wishlist - with me stalking the release dates!!

Nicole Austin said...

love this list of books! i'll have to go check 'em out. i've added a few to my wish list! :)

Seth said...

As always, thanks for your list! I knew about some of these but I few that look like 'must-haves' are new to me.