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Monday, March 28, 2011

Here's What Isn't in the Bag

The last time I traveled and taught, I had TWO journal bags. Not wanting to break my back, I've cut back a bit. However, I'm still trying to figure out what I need vs what I need.

A few people asked to see my journal bag. It's in the back of the photo. I bought it a couple of years ago at Artful Living in Ojai. Out of all of my journal bags I've had over the years, it is my most favorite and the one I always seem to grab. I'm still shocked that it's remained white all this time!

So, what's not in the bag? From left to right:

My BIG bag o' scraps. Anything that is a scrap (be it paper, transparency or anything small that most would toss, but I save, that can be glued or attached, goes in here). It is a $2 zip bag I bought at a small Mom and Pop art store in Atwater Village.

Playcolor2- I love these both for drawing, journaling and coloring. They are dual tipped and yummy! They are made by tombo and for some reason, I like these better than the tombo markers you find in most art stores.

Zebra Sarasa clip gel pens-I wasn't going to buy them (thinking how many gel pens does one need?) but I'm sure glad that I did! I love the colors and the way the ink flows. They come in a variety of tip sizes. Mine are 0.4.

Stabilo woody 3 in 1 watercolor pencil crayons. These are just fun (change the name). I love the assortment of colors (change the name). I love how silky, smooth they are (change the name). I love how affordable they are (change the name). My only complaint? (Not what you're thinking!) I wish they'd come out with MORE colors. Yes, I am a color nut and can never have enough color (as you can tell by my picture).

Tape, tape and more tape from Ginko Papers (http://www.Ginkopapers.com) and Washimatta (http://www.washimatta.ocnk.biz). Keeping these. Sorry. (Mine! Runs away and hides in the corner. I've shared some of these with my students. These are from my personal collection that I'm hoarding, I mean, saving.

Caran d'ache Neo Art Watersoluble Wax Pastels in a little tin (four of my favorite colors). My friend Tasha asked why I don't carry my set around if I love them so much. Honestly? I'm scared I'd lose them and have to replace all $300 of them (and 60 colors are heavy). I have my boy's braces to pay for, so none of that! ;)

More pens: Uni-style fit .28 Yeah, even more gel pens. I don't know if you need them ( I'm still deciding for myself if I need them).

All of the pens were bought at Kinobuyitall, I mean, Kinokuniya or JetPens.com (JetPens Love!!!)

Two envelopes of rub-ons. Why two? Why not? (My friend Kara decorated the cool looking envelope for me).

One big bag o' stickers (that I need to go through again and re-sort them).

My journal bag is always changing and evolving. I'll show you pictures sometime soon of what it looks like when I travel light. (I do too travel light at times! Stop laughing.)

By the way, I also use this bag at home. I work from what's in the bag. I'll go through and rotate stuff out (like I said) every now and then.

What's a must for your journal bag? What is your journal bag?


Antares Cryptos said...

The wonderful thing about art supplies is that they'll eventually find a project. So it's not hoarding, right? Right?!
Thank you for sharing, nothing like looking at materials.:)
Indispensable waterbrush, pencils, Pitt pens, small pan set, glue stick (just one:)) and scraps and stuff I find along the way.

Carin said...

Musts for my journal bag...Pentel Sunburst white pen
(new favorite), Sakura/ Pigma/ Micron pens with the 005 tip,PITT artist pen-Fine-super fine and brush, Sakura/Gelly Roll (love the flecks of metallic and you can color over them and make shades, Derwent /drawing, coloursoft,inktense (one mixed set on sale and the inks were an add on) and a slowly built set of copic markers in shades of pink, blue, yellow and gray. Elmer's glue all or Weldbond plus a bunch of pictures I can cut up.

I rotate things out so I don't break my arm off.

Laura said...

i just want to swim in all that gorgeous colour !!!! hmmmmmm must have acyril paints, love claudine hellmuth ones, baby wipes, oil pastles, fine liner, scissors, glue, gel pens and magazines/images to cut up !!!! hmmmmmm

Caatje said...

To bring journaling stuff with me I like to use toiletry bags with a lot of compartments in them. I find they are ideal. For a bigger bag I have actually been thinking (and don't laugh) to get a diaper/babystuff bag. I look at them all the time in stores thinking how handy they would be for my art supplies on the go if I want to take a lot with me. They have so many little pockets and compartments and nooks I think they would work real well. So far I've kept myself from buying one though.

melle said...

I don't have a journal bag! :O

I'm using a square, homemade journal filled with strathmore and just small enough to fit in my purse if need be.

I sometimes use watercolours, acrylics, glitter, tiny fabric scraps... I own 4 little tapes, a waterproof sharpie, a pitt pen, those souffles :)

If I take it anywhere (rarely), I only take the journal, cheap watercolour crayons, waterbrush, sharpie, and pen. That's about it.

LeAnne said...

Kelly, Ive been watching your blog for awhile just wanted to pop in and tell you that. I guess one should know that they are entertaining huh! I blog too but dont really know how to get more viewers. I quess i just do it for myself really. If you are interested its: http://autumnivy.blogspot.com/
How do you teach all over the country....that is so awesome?

martha brown said...

Your little tape cases are so cute. I'd never thought of putting tape in those tube pencil cases... hmmm.... (we have some fun Korean and chinese stationery stores here.. lots of the cutest pencil cases ever!)

Nicole Austin said...

i love seeing the contents of other journalers' bags! i was inspired by your post! i had to take a photo of what supplies i'm currently obsessed with and post it on my blog: