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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Um, yes, I love alphabet and number stamp sets, too...

I've never hid my passion for type, especially if it's a set of letters or numbers that I can use to stamp on my pages.

Over the years, I've collected countless type sets. I've sold some off and I've given some away. I've added to the collection here and there. The sets you see here now are all that I have left, probably a quarter of what I used to own (most were sold off quickly and cheaply at one particular rough patch in my life).

The stamps that you see here are my most favorite of the sets. I'm surely not lacking in the numbers and letters deparment...except for one elusive set.

I have been searching for at least ten years now for a teeny tiny alphabet set that I saw once in a magazine. I'm not sure what the size actually is, I will know it when I see it. Restoration Hardware started it all. They sold a set (no. 4) of alphabets and numbers, rubber stamps on long pegs in a tiny plastic box. I scooped up those puppies. I nearly jumped on the table of a vendor years later when the same font -yet in different sizes-was laid out in front of me, sprawled across the table. I couldn't believe my eyes. I hunted those puppies down and learned that they were made in Malaysia. I wrote to the company and they required a $5,000 minimum order. That quickly smothered my dreams of possessing even more of these beauties. I saved every penny I could spare and bought the sets retail from a vendor here and there sporadically. I amassed the collection that you see in this picture (of the sets along the right hand side of the picture in plastic and cardboard boxes).

Then, I saw them.

The tiniest of alphabet sets. Smaller than a 1/4. Smaller than an 1/8. My guess is that it's a 1/16th of an inch and oh, how much I have searched for them. I've found a substitute, those fake rubber stamps that click together on plastic pegs. Oh, but to own the real thing, rubber and wood.

I'm still looking...

I don't buy every alphabet and number set that I see nowadays. I've learned what I like and what I will use. I'm also going to try a new system where my collection will have their own space on a shelf, allowing me easier access to them.

Is there any art supply that has been elusive to you? What's one art supply that you would never part with? Inquiring minds (me) want to know!


Emie58 said...

I guess the one art supply that has been elusive (at least so far) is a paper punch that's round with tooth like edges... sort of like a gear only pointed. (MS has one but it's too small) Only been looking for a few months so I'm hopeful I'll find it.
What can I not go without??? Some sort of adhesive, scissors and a journal! Oh.. and my Pitt markers!

Anonymous said...

have you tried this store on Etsy for small alphabets? MARCHARE.

Anonymous said...

I honestly can't answer that question! I think I would have to say my pen (marker, pencil, gel, etc.) collection. You can make anything with them!
Or my papers? I love them too and I love trying things out on them.
Or even my computer, which opened up the whole world of mixed media art to me. And I would have to add my printers to that also.... I can print anything out and alter it with my pens.

Ann K. said...

I was OBSESSED with finding that Restoration Hardware alphabet after my friend got it and finally found the Ephemera Design Studios version. It's still my favorite even though I have many other sets. I sort of hate those clear plastic stamps they have now. Give me wood and rubber any day. I probably use my alphabets more than any other art supply.

Marylinn Kelly said...

Without question, the now extinct Standard Peg Alphabets (and numbers) in any and every size. I have two sizes, have had them since the mid-80s and nearly dream about them. Nice to see some in your photo.


martha brown said...

I told you that I was a month behind...Ahhh, the elusive supplies...
I was looking FOREVER for an alphabet that came on a big stamp thingie that the letters rotated?-- like a giant date stamp?? My mom finally found one for me -- but she liked it and kept it. I'll steal it next time I'm there. Thanks for reminding me :)
I've been looking for a script cartridge for my vintage dymo label maker -- but I just discovered that I can get a new one (dymo caption)But will need to order it from the US....
I'm also looking for some big scissors that will cut scallops from fabric. Maija has a pair (fiskars?) but I can't find them here...
Those are my current searches....

red said...

I have that set too from Restoration Hardware. I too keep looking for another one. have tried the plastic....not the same. OH please someone just replicate the darn thing. We out here would buy it .