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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Rules

Well, the book whore, I mean book hoarder, finally has instituted a set of new rules.

After spending four solid days, cleaning, dusting, moving, sorting, tossing, giving, and dealing with STUFF in her living room, she has decided enough is enough.

It was reinforced last night after two trips to our favorite bookstores to attempt to sell five heavy bags and boxes of books. The first store bought about 15 books and gave the book hoarder a check for $60 (they offered $75 in credit or the check, she took the latter). The second store didn't even offer a choice, took more books and gave a $50 credit. Book hoarder now has one huge and heavy box of books that she will attempt to sell (none of the books are crap either. She finds it interesting what each store took) and if she can't sell, the books will be donated or given to people who will appreciate them. Book collector don't have the space, time or patience to attempt to sell them herself.

Now the new rule with books and magazines (and this only applies to magazines that will be kept and not cut up and the rest recycled), but with every new book/magazine that comes into the house, another must leave. Husband won't be playing by this rule, but paper purveyor will.

So, the bottom three books are leaving. The first book is going to a friend. The second book (bought for the Maira Kalman intro and for a mere dollar) has been ripped up and pages will be put into the class collage bag. The last book will be sold.

Book hoarder trekked over to Zinnia www.Zinnia.biz yesterday and ran into Emily of Stamping Bella www.stampingbella.com What a coincidence and how totally cool!!! At Zinnia, said book nut bought the latest Artful Blogging and Where Women Create. $15 magazines are one of book afficiando's guilty secrets that she needs to go into counseling to stop her addiction to a very small handful of these magazines that she continues to purchase but doesn't feel utterly satisfied with each issue like she does other magazines. Odd, I know, but so is the book collector.

A quick trip to Vroman's netted one sole (soul?) purchase: Alisa Golden's new book, Making Handmade Books.
Alisa's books are very much admired in this home not only for the concise instructions contained in each volume, but also for the finished samples and pieces of artwork that she uses to illustrate her instructions. It is for this reason that her books are quickly scooped up by a fellow book maker and poured over.

Now you know the rules... stay tuned for more purging!


HDD said...

New to your site through Journey to self blog.
Oh like tour thinking and yes yes can relate to your problem and rules!!

donna!ee said...

i instituted the "new rules" recently...time to share the abundance with others to simplify & uncomplicate my creativity!! :)

Ann K. said...

Please consider donating the last bag of books to your local public library. Public library subsidies are being cut right and left and while the library may not choose to put the books in their stacks, most libraries sell used books to raise much-needed funds for their operations.
(Climbing down off my soapbox now!)
Good luck with your new resolution.

Barbara Hagerty said...

Oh, you are harsh! I couldn't live by your new standards. Let me know how it's working out in 6 months or so! LOL!

No time to sell books? Perhaps you'd want to be a vendor at www.abebooks.com. You list, people buy, you ship, your terms, plus you can use an alias for your shop for privacy, and list your books for sale on your blog and FB with a link to your abe store to drive traffic. I buy from abe sellers, and the few people I know locally who sell with them do well.

And Alisa Golden is fabulous!

taylor said...

No way Kelly- Are you counting all the books you just got rid of as ones that you can replace or starting right now- no new books? Keep me posted. I don't know how you will do it, but more power to you if you can.

Kelly Kilmer said...

The only thing I'm replacing is space. Lol I gave Tristan my iris carts and I want to get long, tall, skinny bookcases.

Anonymous said...

I'm weeding out the books too, they're taking over everything! It has got to stop. The library is good enough for getting all those novels I'll never read again.

- Jazz

nellmorningstar said...

Alisa Golden is one of my heroes as well, so thrilled that she has a new book out. Good luck with the purge, I am undergoing similar revelations. Time to find myself more space to create in!

Dawn D. Sokol said...

I do this...I go through every once in a while and do a sweep of books I haven't looked at in a while. I know that this get-rid-of-everything mode doesn't last long, so I take advantage of it when I do feel it.