Friday, January 21, 2011

My shelf of treasures

This may not be finished yet, but I decided to have a shelf of small (for the most part) treasured books.

Books are:
Journal by Jane Malone
Journal by D.J. Pettitt
Martha Rich Freedom Wigs
Old School by Uppercase
Milk Teeth Julie Morstad
Sara Lechner's Geischter Faces
Magenta's a gorgeous sense of hope and the peril of magnificent love
Zines by Traci Bunkers and various other folk
Lines and Shapes publications
Every Lynda Barry book ever published
Thomas Campbell Sing ding a ling
Blaine Fontana's Sedimental Promises
Mark Ryden's Blood ( a book, not his blood)
Prodigal Crab in Venice by Sailia Rieke
Riceboy Sleeps
Catalina Estrada
This is Home Monica Canilao
I Love... Minne/Natali Dirtier
Trust White's Table of Everything and Could you? Would you?
Scrapbook to Somewhere
More misc Zines
Sonja Ahlers' temper, temper; Fatal Distraction and The Selves
The Bird Feeder by Abbey Hendrickson
Love and Fafiness by Fafi
More Lynda Barry!
I want to add Barron Storey and uppercase magazine's suitcase series Camilla Engman's book to the shelf.


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Whoa! Quite an assortment. Fun to have them all in one place. Hugs, Margie