Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 November 2010 journal page

The last couple of weeks with the apartment renovations (that we didn't ask for, nor do we think were priority over other things like having hot water in the kitchen) have been hell on Earth. I've been posting over on facebook about it. I'm hoping to compile all of those posts into one big post for my apartment blog, instead of boring some of you here on it. If I do get them posted, I will link here!

I bought the premiere issue of Where Women Cook and surprisingly, I love it! I would recommend it! The recipes look yummy! The pictures are gorgeous! I love the written articles. I'm eager to try some of the recipes (like the tomato sauce).

It's been raining in Los Angeles this weekend. It's supposed to last for several days. Yesterday afternoon became a stay in pjs, work a bit, bake a lot and make art kinda day. I love those days!

Blog Love:
Great ideas over at Swallowfield!
LOVE this.
Homemade veggie pot pie


Emie58 said...

I've been waiting for that magazine to be available so I'll be sure to keep my eyes out for it. Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite cooking blogs and she's on the cover.
Have great holidays,

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

So not into cooking anymore at my age but so glad you younger people are. Love your page.

Barb Smith said...

I can't imagine having to live through all of hte apartment junk you guys are dealing with...sounds horrible. I guess that's the advantage to living in small town USA, we don't have that kind of stuff going on so much (and we also don't have much to do around here, either. lol)

I love quiet, pj days filled with art and cooking and just relaxing. Those are the best, aren't they? :-)

In case I miss you over the next few days, have a great Holiday and know that I am sending you much...
Peace & Love Always,

Michelle said...

I love the bright colours you use!