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Monday, October 04, 2010

New Journal for September (and October) 2010

Here's the journal that I've been working in since late September. As of right now, I've finished at least 30 pages in it. It's so inviting to work in and such a great size and shape that I am having a hard time walking away from it. I can't wait to show you more of the inside pages. It's not your ordinary, run of the mill journal. You'll see what I mean soon enough!
A side shot of the spine:
I was off this weekend. David really wanted to go to Hollywood Park on Saturday to see Zenyatta and Andrew Beyer. I groaned about it, but packed a small journal bag (see the black bag with my sunglasses sitting on top of it, in the top left corner of the picture? My friend, Martha made me the bag and I absolutely love it. It's one of my favorite bags for on the go art journaling). Inside the bag was another bag that contained my paper scraps (stickers, transparencies, focal images and background papers. The bag used to hold my pens but I decided to turn it into a mini on the go journal paper bag. I also had my latte and sweets pens with me (see the smaller pink case),my black rapidgraph pen, a small pair of pink scissors, a small metal ruler and two Coccoina glue sticks (I always bring two, just in case), four small rolls of washi paper tape, an old rag, some scrap paper to glue on and my journal. We arrived early enough to grab three seats at a table inside the Grandstand Area. I stayed in this area for several hours as David and Tristan wandered the track, I sat and happily cut and paste. I finished one page (you'll see it soon enough) and did the collage work for six pages. I usually work one page at a time, but it was fun to just sit and play with paper, tape, stickers and glue.

Journaling at the race track:
Yesterday, Tristan and I trekked on over to the farmer's market in Larchmont. I love how it's a somewhat later in the day farmer's market as I'm not a morning person (unless I have to be!). I love loading up on fresh fruits and veggies there. I love walking out with two canvas bags fully loaded and not spending a ton of money. Yum!

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donna!ee said...

thank you much for listing your "on the go" journaling tools...i have difficulty choosing which tools for a great base for pages!

Cherry Ann Art said...

Thank you for such an inspiring blog

martha brown said...

I'm glad that you like your bag, Kelly! I love making bags -- so if you ever need one in any size -- just let me know!
p.s. thanks for the journal kit ideas...

Nicole Austin said...

i check your blog daily and i'm always inspired by your artwork and links! thank you for linking to my blog--it made my day. :)