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Monday, August 09, 2010

New Journal Debut

Yup. Tape, tape and more tape on the cover. I can't get enough of it. :)

The new journal is small and fits in my purse. I wanted something small that I could take with me and easily work on while standing in line at Comic Con, on the airplane, etc... I'm doing something different with this book. I hope that you enjoy taking the journey with me as I show you the pages...

Home for a couple of days. Literally. Leaving early (think butt crack of dawn) on Wednesday for Boston. I'll be there for two weeks. Looking forward to seeing family and friends. I am teaching both weekends (Fri and Saturdays. Sundays I'll be hanging with the family as it's the only day that everyone seems to have off at the same time). There is room in all of my classes. You can go here for more info. Catch them while you can as they won't be repeated in the MA/New England area any time soon. I have no plans to offer my in person classes as online classes either. I want to keep them separate. :)

Blog Love:

Letters of Note. Make sure you look at the letter from John K. Talk about amazing. John Kricfalusi is funny as hell and also the nicest guy. We ran into him at the local used bookstore last year after attending Comic Con. I went up to him and told him how much we loved his panel. He was very gracious and kind.

I remember all of the 'fan' letters that I wrote when I was a teen. I received the best response ever from my favorite musician. It was a Christmas present with a t-shirt, Christmas card and more. To say I was bouncing off of the wall when I opened it up was an understatement. I don't understand why more artists aren't encouraging to others, especially emerging artists. I didn't end up a drummer, but I did follow in his footsteps, to some degree. I became an instructor (inspired by my favorite musician, who also toured the world offering drum clinics, several of which I traveled to attend in MA, NY and even Halifax, Nova Scotia). See how things can click and inspire others? Reach out. Don't hold back. Nurture and support those who reach out to you. It's a good thing, trust me. Thanks, Bobby.

Cool looking zine!

Flash dance breaks out over prop 8 being overturned in CA. Love it!
Liz Lamoreux offers a special package deal for her new book.
Rag and Bone sale!
Love the photos here.
Inspiration, pure and simple.


taylor said...

The new journal looks great.I already want to look through blank as it could be(and just for awhile I am sure).

Anonymous said...

Okay, where did you get that tape that is black and white, houses, swings and person walking???? Is that tape??? I need it. I really NEED it.

Debby said...

Have a great time in Boston. Wish I could be there for your classes. We moved my son there a few weeks ago for grad school. I love that city!

Orly Avineri said...

LOVE this journal...

Beth said...

Love the color combinations on the new taped journal! Looking forward to seeing your progress! Safe travels, Beth

Kristin said...

It's just beautiful! Love all the B&W - and looking forward to checking out that tape link. Thanks again Kelly, Kristin xo

mwquilt said...

love the look of the new journal already...it will be great watching its progress...please, please start page one very soon :-)

Anonymous said...

So who was the musician?

Kelly Kilmer said...

Anonymous, click on the link where it says Thanks, Bobby and you'll find out.