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Thursday, June 17, 2010

7 June 2010 journal page

Back to real life and that means work. :) I'm playing catch up, but will hopefully have some photos up of my adventures with the Girls real soon!

Blog Love:
Be prepared to spend a LOT of time here drooling over The Envelope Project
This just made my creative heart SING
OMG. More books to add to the Wish List
More Olaf Hajek love
Ingrid hit the nail on the head with this post about the new Maira Kalman book...still a must have/read/see (can't wait to see the exhibit), but it is a book ABOUT Maira, not BY Maira, so it is a very different feel. Fascinating to learn about the behind the brush Maira!

The Little Blue Button Book

Yumminess to make:
Lots of salad love goin' on here


~Barb~ said...

I really dig the "Little Blue Button Book"...how cute is that?

And now you have me just dying for salad. YUM! lol

Oh, on the Fabriano Hot Press paper, I had never used it before but am really loving it! It feels so soft to the touch and I'm enjoying working on it. What don't you like about it?

Peace & Love,

Jazz said...

How DO you find all these blogs!!!!

I've just put Brown Paper Bag on my Reader, it's beyond cool...

And now I have to buy the Hajek book. I have decided I cannot live without it.

If I have to declare bankruptcy, it's all your fault. So there!

Kelly Kilmer said...

Hi Barb,

I bought it years ago. I spent 2 hours making a journal with the paper. When I went to paint on it (even after painting both sides with acrylic) the paper buckled in a major way and would not lay flat regardless of what I did to it. It was also VERY expensive. I prefer my 140 lb wausau exact index cardstock that does what I tell it to do. LOL ;) Plus, it's CHEAP.

:) Kelly

Terri Kahrs said...

Kelly, I found the new Sharpie Poster Paint pens today -- at Michaels of all places. They had a whole end cap filled with a large Sharpie display of their new oil-based and water-based pens. The ultra-fine white is amazing!!! Just thought you'd be interested. When I saw the display, I thought I'd died and gone to Heaven! Hugs, Terri

martha brown said...

I'm playing catch up! I have 30 posts of yours to read. Imagine how many other blog posts I need to catch up on! Report cards are finished. My summer will begin shortly. WooHoo!

Sandy said...

I love this page. So great and the image and writing really pulls you in.

The links you added are just wonderful. All the eye candy. I love your blog and look forward to your post everyday. I learn something new here all the time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You are amazing....so much inspirition here...ALLWAYS!!!!

Cannot wait to see kalman's work either...

Love Olaf too...

Oh and the Envelope Project...Already drooling...