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Saturday, June 05, 2010

19 May 2010 journal page

Hey, I don't usually ask you guys to do anything, but if you could send good thoughts, prayers, etc... to my cousin Bev who has to undergo radiation to remove a tumor on her lung, I would VERY much appreciate it and I know she would, too...*Thanks*.

Blog Love:
Tracey's new t-shirt just makes me smile BIG. I can't wait to order one for myself!

I LOVE these pendants
Go check out Brian's blog post on art journaling. (Who the hell ever said that art journaling/mixed media was a woman's field? Pshaw! Whatever!!) LOVE Brian's work!
Dawn's Great post on Pogo
Hanna's diary as a pillow
I LOVE the work of Hadley Hutton
Julie's Fabulous Fingerpaintings (The guy at the end who is movin' and groovin' cracks me up)
A History in Letters (having met my husband this way, I REALLY appreciated this story)

Teaching at Zinnia today 11 to 3! Tape and collage, baby, tape and collage! One of my favorite classes (yeah, yeah, I know...I love ALL of my classes but this one is dear-tape and paper!)


PaperPumpkin said...

My husband and I will say super-prayers for Bev, Kelly.♥

Brian K said...

Oh Kelly! I check your blog, every day as I always do and low and behold there I am... WOW! Thank you! Thank you! I feel so honored!

Raine said...

Consider Bev covered from this end. All sorts of healing energy winging its way to her.

freebird said...

Prayers being said. It's a scary thing to go through to be sure.

Joy Logan said...

Oh I lust after all your journals and pages!

~Barb~ said...

Powerful healing thoughts for Bev from Alabama, Kelly..she's definitely in my thoughts.

I love reading your blog...I always find the best things through your links. Thank you so much for sharing, Kelly...you are the bestest!

Peace & Love,

Nicole Austin said...

sending healing and peaceful thoughts and prayers to your cousin. i hope she is well.

i love seeing your pages from start to finish. it is so fun to see the process.

bev said...

Kelly, thank you and your friends, I need all the prayers and support that I can get. Love Bev

crimsoncat05 said...

good vibes for Bev coming from AZ... thanks for the link to the letters!! my first communication with my BF was thru the written word (e-mail, but still written). I think both of us printed them all out and saved them somewhere-- I definitely need to find them and re-read them.

and thanks for posting the before and afters of your latest journal pages!