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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Selling Collage Grabbags!

Inside cover page of my new journal

Blog Love:
This book is on my Wish List.

Someone had fun at Frenzy Stamper!

I have 8 collage grabbags for sale! Yes, I made up a ton of them before I left for Frenzy Stamper in AZ. I need to get them out of here before they start working on our unit (and who knows when that will actually be), so I thought I'd list them here!

I fill each large, oversized grabbag with handmade papers, decorative papers, collage "ephemera", color copies, originals, cherished book pages, photos, stickers, transparencies, collage images, etc.. NO bag is alike. The photo above is only an example of what you may find in your bag! Each bag is unique!

These are extremely limited!!!!

These are perfect gifts for yourself or others !! Grab one while they last! :) I won't be making these up for awhile!

Paypal, checks or money orders, please. Collage grabbags are $50 which includes priority insured shipping for US residents (trust me, there is MORE than $50 worth of stuff in here. I tend to fill the bags up with NEW handmade, scrapbook, and decorative papers that I've recently purchased. If I was going to buy a collage grabbag, these are the kinds I would want-it's all from my stash!!). If you are overseas, please email me first to make arrangements on shipping. If you are interested, please drop me an email at EGorey99 (at) sbcglobal (dot) net or use the paypal button below.

Thanks for helping me clean :)



jane eileen said...

How many ways are there to say, "Smashing journal page, Missy!" anyways, 'cause I might be running out and you keep makin' 'em.

Sandy said...

You just keep on wowing me! I love this inside cover.

And for those that are sitting there thinking well do I really need this collage grabbag, trust me when I say you really will want it. Kelly is overly generous with her bags and I've loved every single one I've gotten from her. So much great stuff in each one that I could never ever find where I live.

I hide my bags when people come over and look at my journals. lol ;)