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Friday, April 02, 2010

16 March 2010

Girl stamp by SugarSkull7's on etsy.

Blog Love-
Someone else loves Jimmy Stewart as much as I do.
Rag & Bone's crazy 15 day giveaway-a book a day!
If you still haven't bookmarked Paper is Lovely, here's another reminder and a reason why.
Drooling over this shop!
More Doors blog and her Swirly Girl book drop post
International Fake Journal Month

I love Sharyn's blog for her amazing art and her true-ness.
Samantha Kira has some cool new goodies over here.
Vintage Wrist Corsage tutorial
Selective Graffiti removal?

Been Reading-
MaryJane's Farm magazine April/May 2010 issue

My pen class tomorrow (Saturday) at Zinnia

I'm going to be updating my blog in advance and setting blog posts up for the weekend and Monday. I will be around, but not a lot. We're having an "inspection" on Monday which means that I need to get this place totally clean and presentable. I've been having back problems the last couple of days, so this won't help, but what can I do? Any ways, have a great weekend. Check back in, but if I am slow to respond between now and Monday night, you know why!


Sherri said...

Kelly, thanks for the taking the time to post daily. You are my first inspiration of the day! (and I am addicted....) Have a great weekend!

Ann K. said...

Good luck with the class and the clean-up! And thanks for ensuring us our Kelly fix!

Sandy said...

Your page is great. It says it all. And I love the stamp. I visited sugarskull last night and placed an order. Her stamps are great.

I love all the blog links. You find such great stuff. I look forward to visiting here to see what is going to be new. It's like a suprise everyday.

I hope your back feels better but I understand when you have to do what needs to be done.

Have a great class and I really need to get to a bookstore soon, it feels like forever since I've been to one, I didn't know the new issue of MJF was out already.

Gypsy Purple said...

I wish you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

Michele said...

Love your pages! I so wish I could take one of your classes. :)

Michele said...

oops one more thing... what kind of journals do you use? I've been wanting to start my own, and can't figure out which is best.

sharon said...

good luck with your back, cleanup and class. i love-love-love jimmy stewart, rag and bone, and that corsage link. be well!

Raine said...

I LOVE Jimmy Stewart! He was one of the original hunks! ...and HARVEY...awesome. As kids, my sister and I would tell our friends that we had a 6 foot invisible rabbit named Harvey. They believed us. Kids! : )

Sharyn said...

Thanks for the mention. Take care of yourself my friend.

sugarskull said...

OMG, I LOVE how you used the Sullen Girl stamp!!! I wish I could USE stamps creatively, instead of just making them. :)