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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last few pages of my Unfold Journal

The last pages of my "Unfold" journal from January/February 2010. I'll show you my new book soon!

Stop the presses folks, my friend Jeane has created these fabulous stencils. I have them. I LOVE them. I love what I've been doing with them (I'll show you soon). Check out Jeane's blog here. Stencils here. Grab 'em before they're gone. At that price, they won't stick around forever!
She has a tutorial here on what to do with the Itty Bitty stencils. Sooo cute!

Here's a cute papier mache egg tutorial. Reminds me of my Nana. I hope to sit down with Tristan and see if he wants to make some of these.

Two cool food blogs-
The Hot Cookie
The Ginger Cook

Mark it on your calendars folks, tomorrow is the start of Stan Freberg week. More here.


a pink dreamer said...

hi! the page with the hand is fantastic! and the cover you made is really beautiful!!!
please visit me whenever you can and tell me your opinion! i would appreciate it!

taylor said...

Love the hand page Kelly.

crimsoncat05 said...

dang, you are an enabler- LOL!! I love Jeane's stencil sets, and I think I may "need" them!

aimee said...

gorrrrrgeous! such detail and tempting peeks of the innards - i love seeing the sides of art journals that only show the edges of the pages, because it immediately makes me want to know what's inside.

Sharon said...

Kelly where did you ever find that cool hand stencil? Do tell, I want one now. Thanx, off to Tres Wishes for shopping. Sharon

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Gorgeous, as always. I haven't worked in the art journal for weeks, but my art table is back up. There's hope. Got to go check to see what classes you are offering.

Kelly Kilmer said...

I think someone gave me that one. If you google henna hand stencils, that's what it is :) A plasticy, rubbery stencil!

jurassic said...

i bought a set of the itty bitty stencils as soon as I saw your post! Can't wait to see what you did with them.